Cult. Change & Comm Tech Essay 1: Cinema/Film Many young people today are learning about their world through electronic means radio, television, video movies, computer games, virtual reality games and the Internet. In particular the visual environment of the electronic media is greatly attracting the print media in all its forms. How many children read […]

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Ideology and the Cinema

First, it should be noted that every film is political, at least inasmuch as it is determined by the ideology that produces it (or within which it is produced, which stems from the same thing). The cinema is all the more thoroughly and completely determined, according to critics, because unlike other arts or ideological systems […]

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Cinema of Attractions and its relation to the perceived audience of early cinema

New technologies invented during the industrial era inspired the experimentation with moving images that eventually lead to the birth of cinema. (Cavendish 2008, pp. 1001-1008) Early film makers used the new technology of cinema to display a variety of attractions to audiences in a style coined by Tom Gunning as ‘cinema of attractions’. (Gunning 1993) […]

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Aesthetics of Cinema

American History X is one of the finest films of the past ten years. Several techniques are used to portray the importance of the message that it is sending. It excels in using dialog, in combination with great visuals to move the narrative forward. Not only are these techniques original in their conveyance but they […]

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The emergence of the British cinema Industry during the first half

In my report I will be looking at the development of the British Cinema Industry. How it developed in the early years of the twentieth century and the political, economic and technical factors that have shaped its development. In the beginning The ‘film trade’ developed through inventors constantly striving to better their equipment and as […]

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What Comes Up Must Come Down

There is no turning back for the Gangster genre in American cinema-the instant Rico, a. k. a. “Little Caesar” holds up the gas station attendant fate is sealed as three gunshots are defined as the first step that is perplexed by moral ambiguity of the audience and the ‘code’ of the 1930s. For audiences, the […]

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Vue Cinema

The first venue which I chose to research is ‘Vue Cinema’, Islington. This cinema recently bought out the Warner Village company. This complex is situated in the heart of a busy shopping centre. The cinema only offers one type of performance, which is film. However, a wide and varied range of film can be offered […]

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Amitabh Bachan – Indian cinema

Amitabh Bachan. It is the name that already gives away the story of Bachan’s past and current life as it is. He is one of the finest and the most extravagant actor’s in the whole of the Indian cinema. He is a phenomenon and has many reasons to be liked if not loved. Bachan was […]

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The Elusive Audience: Comparing Tino Ballio and Robert Ray

Examination of the Moviegolng Audience on the 1950s By Justin Daering Between 1948 when the Paramount decision was made, and 1969 when the last of the majors was bought out by a conglomerate, the structure of the film industry underwent its most drastic alteration since its inception, and a prolonged period of economic struggle and […]

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Soviet Cinema

The USSR had a rich tradition of producing movies. A vibrant film culture thrived in the Soviet Union. Films were an ideal propaganda tool to educate the masses and increase the popularity of the Communist Party. Men and women played various roles in the movies produced in the USSR. These roles were according to the […]

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Hong Kong Cinema

The Hollywood (1) had the chance to see the inflow of Hong Kong film stsra in the 1990s. Film stars like Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, and Chow Yun- Fat and the filmmakers like Tsui Hark, John Woo, Stanley Tong, Kirk Yong and Ronnie Yu and the martial arts choreographers including in the list Yeun Woo- […]

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How Did the Cinema Affect the Lives of Women and Children in 1930’s

Labelled the ‘golden age of Hollywood’ the 1930’s was arguably a decade of turmoil. This led to many people attending the cinema to escape from reality. Among adults, women tended to go to the cinema more often than their husbands, and this finding was echoed by rowntree, who found that 75 per cent of cinema-goers […]

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Influence of Cinema

Cinema is by far the most common and cheapest means of entertainment in cities in India. The maximum we Indians can look to cinema is as an exposition of art. In a country like ours, where most people are illiterate and so poor that they can ill afford any other recreation, Cinema has taken its […]

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Contemporary Film Studies

“Film form, in its broadest sense, we mean the overall system of relation that we can perceive among the elements in the whole film” (Bordwell and Thompson 49). In this formal analysis, I will be considering film form in relation to the film Hero directed by Zhang Yimou. Large aspects of film form such as […]

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Indian Parallel Cinema

While Indian Cinema known as Bollywood was thriving in the 1950s, the film industry also saw the emergence of a new Parallel Cinema movement. A group of film-makers broke with the past traditions and made exciting, experimental and innovating films (Gupta 11). Indian Parallel Cinema is a specific genre of Indian cinema which is known […]

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Transnational Media Industries

National cinema is a form of art and entertainment and it signifies national identity. However, national cinema should be replaced with transnational cinema to help strengthen the link between national cinema and national identity. National cinema refers to films that are produced in a particular nation. National film industries should be protected due to their […]

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How Did the Production Code Affect the Way Hollywood Narratives Were Structured in the 1930s

The great depression and roaring twenties era in America lead to Hollywood producing what some thought of as a constant succession of sordid and immoral films; films that revolved around crime, sin and infidelity. This led to the creation of ‘the production code’ “adopted in 1930 to roll back the profligacy of the 1920s and […]

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Cinema Paradiso

The film starts by showing a middle-aged man, Salvatore, surrounded by society’s symbols of success: bright city lights, a Mercedes Benz, a luxurious mansion, and a beautiful woman in the background. These symbols gave the impression that life was good. “Cinema Paradiso” is a reminiscence film about a famous film director, Salvatore Di Vita (Marco […]

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Indian Cinema and Communalism

Indian Cinema or Bollywood produces over 750 films a year, released across 12,000 theatres in the country. Popular for its tear-jerking plots, colourful and exotic locations and beautifully choreographed dance sequences, Indian Cinema has a long and illustrious history. Apart from family-oriented movies of the 1900’s, movies on historical events, biographies and pressing national issues […]

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Nadine Labaki & Lebanese Cinema

Lebanon has always been a land of beauty, of struggle and of people fighting for their land. The Lebanese cinema plays a dominant role nowadays and is taking Lebanon to a whole new level internally and externally. The Lebanese cinema was for a long time the only other cinema in the Arab World, after the […]

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Impact of cinema

The direct economic impact of film is clear, but the effect to the wider economy is also significant. The UK House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee- in a 2002 report on The British Film Industrystated, “… Of the 23 million people who visited the UK in 2001 — spending approximately ? 11. 3billion […]

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Disadvantages of cinema

Apart from its various advantages, Cinema is not free from its evil effects. Film artistry is, unfortunately, compelled to compro­mise with people’s popular taste and appeal to their lower instincts. Too many films dealing with sex problems and with the ways of the criminals are now shown, f These are apt to affect public morality. […]

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