Chrysler in Trouble

Chrysler started as a merger of two men, one of whom was having declining sales after World War 1 in the 20’s which caused him to have high debts. Walter T. Chrysler joined Maxwell Motor Corporation to help bring the company back from the high debts. In 1924 the first Chrysler was launched in the […]

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Detroit’s Big Three Near the Brink

GM has celebrated its 100th year anniversary this year. But sadly its 101st year anniversary may seem to be obscure. Now on the verge of bankruptcy it has begun discussing merging with Chrysler. Unfortunately Chrysler is not as tough as it was and is also vying to merge with Nissan. Industry expert J. D. Power […]

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Managing for Change Research Paper “Chrysler”

The Chrysler Corporation was founded on June 6th 1925 by Walter P. Chrysler; the company originates from the Maxwell Motor Company in which he joined in the early 1920’s. Walter P. Chrysler had an intuition for engineering, he was a self-taught engineer and while working in the rail road industry provided him with the grounds […]

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