Paper chromatography is one of the methods under chromatography, it can use in identifying unknown compounds using known compound and it can also use as a separation technique based on the differences in affinities of components of the mixture to a stationary phase and a mobile phase. In the experiment, the stationary phase was the […]

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Plan and Design Lab Food Colouring

Hypothesis: The purple food colouring from three different brands of purple coloured candies do not contain the same dyes Aim: To separate the dyes from three different brands of purple coloured candies using paper chromatography and compare the results obtained. Apparatus and Materials: Four identical boiling tubes with stoppers and hooks, water, measuring cylinder, chromatography […]

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Extraction and Chromatic Separation of Plant Pigments from Tomato Paste

In column chromatography a mixture is dissolved in a solvent and poured over a column of solid adsorbent then eluted with the same or a different solvent. This method is often used for preparative purposes; when a relatively large amount of the mixture and the components need to be isolated. The two main pigments in […]

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