Unfortunate children

The work was hard, it was very hot, but everyone was exceptionally cheerful. I think most of them were thinking of all the little smiling faces that were running in and out trying to help, but making perfect nuisances of themselves. All of a sudden, we seemed to have found forty little brothers and sisters […]

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What is U-shaped learning

U-shaped-learning concerns the development of distinguishing the application of the inflectional past-tense morpheme of -ed to regular and irregular words – those which require an -ed (e. g. ‘waste’ –> ‘wasted’) and those which are expressed with a completely different word (e. g. ‘run’ –> ‘ran’), respectively. It is the learning pattern of initial overregularisation […]

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Is children’s development a universal staged process or a social and cultural process

Children’s development can be looked at and understood in contrasting approaches. The scientific approach looks at the facts about children by composing theories and consequently testing them through observing and experimenting. Jean Piaget is a developmental theorist who did his research in this way. The second type of approach used to understand child development is […]

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How Motivational Climate research might be used by teachers and coaches to positively influence children’s experiences in sport

children Children have a very important place in the sporting world. It has been suggested that children “are the most numerous participants because of popularity in schools” (Prytherch, 1989, pg. 3), therefore sport has a role to play in the growth of personality, self-confidence, and in wider context of education. Physical activity is an important […]

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Children’s Rights are best provided for within the context of the nuclear family

I will be discussing this statement in the following assignment, by studying some of the key issues and concepts it is associated with. Throughout the assignment I will be showing contrasting views for and against this statement. Firstly, I will discuss what the nuclear family is and what different theorists interpret the ‘perfect’ family to […]

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The Effects on Children In Same Sex Marriages

Until recently, when questioned for a definition of family, one would respond that a family is a man and a woman living together with their children, or something to such an effect. However, this definition does not hold in today’s society. The definition of family has come to represent many different forms, most especially because […]

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Children’s rights

An integral aspect of children’s rights is their right of enjoyment of contact. Contact encompasses many forms but predominantly employed in practice by the court are direct contact and indirect contact, the former means children spend time with their non-resident parent, whilst the latter allows the non resident parent or carer to be able to […]

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The Effects of Relative Deprivation on Children

Like everyone else, children compare themselves to the people around them and assess their own self-worth in accordance to the conclusions they draw from such evaluations. It seems logical then that those children who do not have as many commodities as their peers notice their economic deficiencies and are affected negatively because they feel they […]

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The use of the foot orthoses in the treatment of paediatric flat foot: an evidence based overview

Flatfoot in the paediatric population is a common concern and is presented regularly in paediatric health-care settings. (1) Despite this, there is no universally excepted definition for this condition, although consistent attributes include a valgus heel and a flattened medial longitudinal arch. (2) Other names frequently used include pes planus, (1) hypermobile flatfoot, (3,4) and […]

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The Impact on Childrens Learning and Development Through the Perception of the Practitioner

The aim of this assignment is to explore and discuss how Early Years Practitioners perceive the safeguarding of children and what influences the way it is perceived and implemented. It is also the aim to discuss how the internal conceptualisation, and external pressures, of factors such as policy, the language used in relation to safeguarding […]

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