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Foreign Literature The practice of giving children allowances developed in the early twentieth century when children’s purchases of movie tickets, candy, and toys raised concerns about their spending habits. During the Progressive Era (1890s–1920s), allowance advocates recommended giving children a regular but fixed supply of money to inculcate respect for money. Child had endorsed allowances […]

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Unocini, an ecological approach

This paper will outline the ecological approach and the main components of the Unocini in relation to children in ‘need’. It will also discuss how the two inter link and relate to one another. ‘Ecological approaches to assessment are based on the premise that the development and behaviours of individuals can be fully understood only in […]

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Biag ni Lam-ang

Hook Have you ever heard a baby that can talk and walk after birth ? This is an epic story about the life of lam-ang.Lam-ang was an extraordinary being, manifesting in his early years when he started to speak, thus enabling him to choose his own name. His adventure began when his father, Don Juan, […]

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