Child development

Expected Pattern of Development

Emotional development is the expected pattern of a Childs ability to feel and express and increa vsing range of emotions. Social and behavioural development is the expected growth pattern of a child’s ability to relate to the world around them. There are various theories and models that show the different aspects of the development stages. […]

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Understand Child And Young Person Development

Development is about Pattern, influence, monitoring, interventions, and transitions the skills and knowledge of a child so neural growth affects the way that children are able to think. Personal factors that may influence children and young people’s development. There are many reasons and factors why a child is not following the expected pattern of development. […]

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Research and explain how current practice is influenced by Theories of development

Piaget – Intellectual, Freud – psychoanalytic, Maslow – Humanist, Bandura – Social Learning, Skinner – Operant Conditioning, Watson – Behaviourist. Also explain how you holistically use these theories to work together e.g. EYFS – Holistic approach to learning is known as social pedagogy. The theorist whose theory is physical development is Arnold Gesell. His theory […]

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