Chicago politics

The Rise an Fall of the Machine Chicago politics had become synonymous with organized crime. Following the years of prohibition, this reputation had become well earned in that control of many municipal functions was influenced in some way by the underground operations. In a city that initially developed by entrepreneurial ambition, it was no surprise […]

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Segregation and Housing in Chicago

Chicago was the best place to live and visit for anyone. Many people traveled from far places to visit and live in Chicago. Long after the World War II many things started reshaping America. One of the most significant was the racial change all over America but specifically in Chicago. Many southern blacks started to […]

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Homelessness in Chicago

Homelessness is a very serious problem in every major city in the United States, especially Chicago. Over the course of a year, between 2.3 and 3.5 million people experience homelessness nationwide and approximately 166,000 people experience homelessness in the Chicago Metropolitan area. (CCH) These numbers are astounding, but as a resident of the city I […]

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Would It Be Economically Beneficial to Britain to Introduce

Although obesity is a worldwide phenomenon in the 21st century, its impact varies between countries. Across the Channel in France less than one person in ten is obese, while in Japan it’s less than one in twenty (see Figure 1 below). In England, at present 1 in 4 of all Britons have been declared medically […]

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Hewlett-Packard – The Flight of the Kittyhawk

The technology industry is a market of change, due to innovative breakthroughs. But for the firms in this sector, the challenge is to predict success. The disk drive industry provides some characteristics of how changes can cause certain types of firms to succeed or fail in choosing for instance a disruptive or a sustaining innovation. […]

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Top 3 Film Shootouts

Ever wondered what the top three film shootouts are of whole time? Well here’s your chance to find out. Hold on to your hats people because this is going to be a thrilling read. Shoot-outs are mainly seen in action films. To the viewers shootouts bring a sense of amazement and are usually a turning […]

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Illness or Health business

This essay will discuss the role and stereotype of the nurse from a historical view as portrayed by the public up to the present day. It will then outline ways, which could extend the nurses role in working for health. Nursing is and always has been a caring profession, although the role of the nurse […]

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The University of Chicago was witness to the foundation

In 1892 The University of Chicago was witness to the foundation of the first ever Department of Sociology, at the heart of the department’s aims was to conduct empirical research into how the growing population of Chicago itself deriving from various origins were able to create a society and co-exist together in harmony. Chicago provided […]

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To What Extent Can Media Reporting Be Objective

This essay will try to answer the question if objectivity in the media exists nowadays or not. It will start with analyzing the exact meaning of the adjective “objective” referencing to the media as well as comparing this meaning with a similar term. It will briefly cover the history of the idea of non-partisan press […]

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What have been the major contributions of psychological theories

Although the majority of the general population decides not to offend and commit criminal acts, a significant proportion decides otherwise. Crimes are different, people are atypical, situational conditions and motives are diverse. Psychology’s existence is based upon individual differences. What will work for one person will not work for another. Impartiality and the scientific method […]

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African-American Organized Crime & Today’s Youth Gangs

African-American organized crime, although present, has not maintained a true record of its existence. The amount of information that is known is relatively small but informative. These organization are believed to have been in place for at least a century. These organizations were important to the African-American community just as it was important to the […]

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Considering Explanationsof Gun Crime Offences

Gun crime is an offence that is increasingly becoming a primary concern for the criminal justice system in this country. Gun crime has gradually increased over the past thirty years and is now a major problem nationally. The first significant gun crime offence in this country was the Hungerford Massacre, August 1987. A lone gunman […]

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Hillary Diane Rodham

i. Background Hillary Diane Rodham was born on October 26, 1947 in Illinois, Chicago. Her father, Hugh Ellsworth Rodham, operated a small but successful business in the textile industry while her mother, Dorothy Emma Howell was a homemaker. Politically, she was inspired strongly by her high school history teacher, who got her to read a […]

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Organizational Behavior Example #4

In this economy companies need to create realistic long-term goals and objectives to be successful. A strategic plan can assist the company accomplish this goals and objectives. The forces and trends vary from company to company but ultimately profitability is the final goal for each company. Forces and Trends Both forces and trends act to […]

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The Civil Rights Movements

Clearly, Dr King had a large impact on how the Civil Rights Movement was perceived by other Americans and by people around the world. His ability to speak eloquently and thoughtfully gave him a high profile in the age of television. His speeches during the Montgomery Bus Boycott maintained morale among the local African American […]

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Governor Kathleen Blanco

In a speech given on Wednesday September 14 2005, Governor Kathleen Blanco addressed the Joint Session of the Louisiana State Legislature in Baton Rouge, Louisiana about hurricane Katrina’s aftermath. The audience included President George W. Bush, the Speaker, members of the House and Senate, clergy members, commanding officers, and honored guests. In her address, Kathleen […]

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How concerned would you be about invasion of privacy

‘Ever since the Gulf War, an estimated 20. 000 returning U. S. soldiers have been experiencing a series of mysterious illnesses, such as severe joint pain, chronic fatigue, rashes, hair loss, memory loss, lack of bowel control and even brain damage. Recently, disturbing reports of miscarriages, stillbirths, deaths, and birt defects among the babies conceived […]

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Tomlinson’s book analyses the phenomenon of globalisation

John Tomlinson, (1999), Globalisation & Culture Blackwell, Oxford: Tomlinson’s book analyses the phenomenon of globalisation, focusing on the area of cultural change exploring debates around social and cultural modernity, stating evidence of a pattern suggesting the breakdown of links between the experience of culture and place. This breakdown’ is occurring at different rates and times […]

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The Wild Side of North American Prehistory

The American public’s interest in the fantastic secrets locked away in the new found North American was at it height in the early 1800s. There were many people wiling to step up and fill the public’s taste of adventure and mystery buried in their neighboring hills. The people couldn’t get enough of the fantastic. These […]

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HIST 2_Chapter 16-19

______ were/was essential to the culture, religion, and sustenance of the Plains Indians. Bison In 1851, the government negotiated a new policy with the Plains tribes based on the divide-and-conquer strategy. This was known as the “______” policy. Concentration Policy Which of the following was the law passed by Congress in 1882 that prohibited Chinese […]

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Who is to blame for crime: the individual or society

With a big amount of criminal’s records, people are now more concerning about the reason for committing crime. However, who should we blame for the increasing number of crimes? Is it the individual problems or social problems? Should we say it is people problems in society or people in problem society? According to Gottfredson and […]

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White Flight

Dateline NBC took a closer look at an issue, which haunts a Chicago suburb, and most likely other suburbs across America as well, in its television program “White Flight. ” The startling problem concerned the movement of white families away from their suburban neighborhoods as black families began to move in. The families that were […]

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