Chemical element


The seven elements and various claims for Its discovery reveal many of the nationalistic traits that we have seen in the case of other elements, most notably the controversy surrounding the discovery of hafnium, element 72. But element 85 gives our study a greater depth than has yet been revealed by the already covered elements. […]

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Cobalt History

As my opening statement I would like to proudly say cobalt is an element which has its own gum. Though completely irrelevant to my report I enjoy it’s succulent, minty and long lasting flavor, because five will stimulate your senses. I figure I might as well go into the greater details of cobalt as well […]

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Mercury Poisoning and 1990 S When Mercury Mining Essentially Stopped

Mercury can be used in many different products such as barometers, florescent lamps, and electrical switches and can be in the fish that we eat, whether the fish was caught in a local lake or bought from the grocery store. Mercury is a naturally occurring element in the earth’s crust that can be moved around […]

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Intro to Boron

Have you ever done the laundry and wondered what was in the detergent you use? Or if you watched a rocket launch into space have you wondered how it can even make it past earth? The answer to those questions is boron (B). Boron is a metalloid element with an atomic number of 5 and […]

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