Characteristics of a Proposal

A research proposal is a concise synopsis of a research paper that gives readers adequate information about a work that has been done and how it was done. A typical research proposal always aims at convincing an assessor or the concerned committee that the research paper was done perfectly well and would be useful in […]

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Characteristics of Leadership

Leadership is an essential component in the management of resources to achieve development in a company. In addition, leaders serve a crucial role in motivating their followers to make them work hard in achieving the desired objectives. There are various functions of a leader in a company or in any organization. First, leaders direct the […]

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Characteristics of Value Based Manager

The characteristics of a value centered and knowledge centered manager include: i. Trustworthiness ii. Cool under pressure/not tempered iii. Firm iv. Fair v. Follow through vi. Allows delegation vii. Experienced in all aspects of the job viii. Good communication and listening skills ix. Consistent x. Follow through Characteristics of a Value Based Manager 1.0 Value […]

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Characteristics of a Successful Leader

A leader is a person who influences others to accomplish the set objectives and directs them in the way to achieve it. Mahatma Gandhi a historical Indian leader has successful leadership qualities.A leader is conversant about the strategy and direction of the state. He can see the big vision that the followers are not able […]

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Defining the Manager

Key Questions 1. What do you think are your main advantages in handling people especially those who are rendering services to both clients and colleagues? 2. In a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being the highest, how would you rate your interpersonal skills in terms of adapting to various characters within your surroundings? […]

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