Challenges of Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneur faces many challenges while starting a business for scratch as well as when struggling to ensure survival in an environment characterized by cut-troth competition. This may be both internal and external factors that predispose individuals to challenges. Therefore, locating the opportunity is easy but taking the move to integrate and plan the business […]

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Challenges for Women Global Leaders

There are many challenges faced by women globally in their bid to become world leaders. This is the reason why the number of women in leadership positions continues to be too small compared to that of men. In fact, it would be fair to say that this is a male dominated world. Despite the fact […]

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Challenges Faced by Consumers of Online Banking

This paper reports on the progress of the dissertation by indicating the steps that have already been undertaken and those that are yet to be done. At the moment, the dissertation is still in the initial stages. There are some background information, statistics, and a literature review of online banking. Basically, the study seeks to […]

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Challenges to Effective Re-entry

One challenge that hinders the effective re-entry of offenders of drug and substance abuse in the community is the poor management of stress by the victims. For instance, when former addicts are in the period or process of recovering from the use of drugs and substance, we expect them to undergo depression and stress. Correction […]

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Challenges and Opportunities of the EU Enlargement

Introduction In 2004, eight post-communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe joined the European Union (EU), and in 2007, Bulgaria and Romania followed them. The newcomers raised the number of the EU members from 17 to 27. Ten CEE countries: Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania were poorer […]

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Challenges and Solutions to Organizational Knowledge Management

A knowledge base refers to a type of a database that is used to manage knowledge by facilitating the processes of computerizing knowledge collection, organization and retrieval. Thus a system that is knowledge based will be able to output justified intelligent decisions. Knowledge base management began in the 1990s and was supported by advancement in […]

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Challenges and Opportunities

An organization and community can effectively operate when an environment of peace, safety and productivity is created. Such environments can only result when we have leaders who embrace integrity, competence and vision. Proper leadership can only be acquired through experience and not from knowledge which is acquired in the class. The many negative things which […]

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Challenges of being an advocate and neutral facilitator

The focal point of this paper is to explore the ethical, moral, and legal challenges of potential dual relationships as an advocate or mediator. The presentation would be based on opinion on the integration of advocacy and mediation within the human services field.

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