Sleep and Dreams as Central Themes in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is widely regarded as Shakespeare’s master play in the genre of comedy. Centered on the classical plot of the quarrel between pairs of lovers solved by the supernatural intervention, this play presents a typically Renaissance understanding of the interrelationship between the human and the natural world, the latter embodied by capricious […]

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Central America’s Upheavals

In 1960, Central America faced an upheaval and political dismay; especially in Guatemala. The right-wing coup played a vital role in overthrowing power after what was deemed as flawed election process. Guatemala had no option but to seek the services of United Fruit Company. The main objective of the company was to enhance the postal […]

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Torture in CIA

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was long been believed to use different types of tortures to administer to prisoners or allegedly terrorist during interrogations. According to different news agencies such as ABC news, the CIA is actually using harsh or even brutal interrogations techniques. This kind of technique can be regarded by some as torture.

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