Celebrity endorsement of brands is an effective method of enhancing a brand’s image and identity

According to Friedman & Friedman (1979 p.63) “a celebrity endorser is an individual who is known by the public for his/her achievement in areas other than that of the product class endorsed.” This investigation examines the use of celebrity endorsement as a method of enhancing a brands image & identity. The subject at hand will […]

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Celebrities are key gatekeepers of culture in our society

We live in a culture highly obsessed with the celebrity, they play a large role in the lives of individuals, whether subconsciously aware of this or not. The space they occupy in our lives has been for the most part, unexplored. This essay attempts to explore the ways in which celebrities exert a gatekeeping control […]

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Celebrities and The Media

Celebrity and the media are symbiotic. The media use celebrity as a form of populist entertainment and as a commodity. Celebrities rely on the media to make them visible to the public. The media is an intermediate agency that allows communications between individuals that are at a distance from one another. The media construct celebrities […]

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Celebrity culture

In this essay, I will examine the subject of celebrity culture, and discuss the role that celebrities play in contemporary societies. It is not envisaged that the essay will act as an exhaustive expose on celebrity roles, but rather, it will address specific issues that demonstrate what are arguably some of celebrity’s most significant functions. […]

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How are celebrities presented in the media

The media plays are large roll in how many celebrities live their lives, from what their wearing to which parties they go to, and it’s how many journalists and budding photographers make their money. By following, or in many cases, stalking, people that are classed as “famous”, whether they have talent or not, if they’re […]

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How media affects young peoples life’s today

To say that we are currently living in a society obsessed by celebrity and the culture of celebrity would be an understatement. Today celebrity culture has become an integral part of today’s youth, without it they would be incomplete. Celebrity culture is a way of life occupied by those who are considered superstars for which […]

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Celebrity worship

Driven by a sophisticated media with purely profit driven motives, a large segment of societies around the world become consumed with the persona of a celebrity. The issue of celebrity worship becomes tasteless when learning about some of the real concerns surrounding our lives that you have discussed. However, fans become so absorbed in worshipping […]

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Celebrity Culture

Whenever we switch on the television, open a magazine or turn on the radio we are instantly confronted by celebrities. Their names jump out at you from the covers of magazines that claim to have all the inside information on that person’s life. Instead of the focus being on the quality of acting or how […]

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You can ‘shape your success’ by shaping you body

Nowadays, celebrities are everywhere. They are on the television, on the internet and even on posters. Therefore, it is not surprising that young people are leading a life believing that if they look like that celebrity they will have the same glamorous life. If those celebrities were curvy, average size, average weight, average looking women […]

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Media representation

A celebrity is a widely recognised face or famous person who receives a large amount of attention from the media. Celebrities usually become global and popular through mass entertainment such as soap operas, movies, sports or music. A small number of celebrities are recognised globally, their fame has spread across the world. These are usually […]

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