Do Celebrities Have a Responsibility to Use Their Status to Improve the World

I feel that all celebrities have a responsibility to use their status to improve the world. For it is the world that provides them with their means of living. They can help save many lives. Their status is a stewardship in the eyes of the religious people of the world. Throw tickets sales to shows […]

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Sports Celebrities and Their Influence on the Consumers

At present, sports in not just a game but it’s a big thriving business. This is especially true for numerous companies that have invested millions of dollars on renowned sports celebrities to endorse their products for the sake of product recall. For example, when someone says talks about Michael Jordan, another person would definitely relate […]

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21st century Celebrities

Celebrities are branded as icons for the masses. They are usually the people whom ordinary citizens idolize. They usually set the standards when it comes to fashion, attitude and belief towards life. Through the celebrities such as artists and models, trends in different industries such as the latest and most reliable hand phone in the […]

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The opinions of celebrities

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”, Jim Morrison, once said. I, yet, consider that whoever controls celebrities of the media, such as famous entertainers and athletes, controls the younger individuals. I, personally, claim that the opinions of celebrities are more important to younger people than to older people. First of all, younger people often […]

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