Cash Flow Management

There is a marginal difference lies between the definition and concept of accounting and finance. Accounting is a term used to record and maintain the financial data while the strategies needs to used the company’s funds at a place from where the likelihood of earning would be on a higher side (Charles & Jones, 2007). […]

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Cash-Flow and its use

In this coursework, I will explain what cash flow is and why is it useful to a business organisation. I will use JJ Supermarket to illustrate my explanation. I will show where does JJ Super market receives its inflow and how this inflow does and outflow of cash affects the JJ Supermarket. Cash flow means […]

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Dental Nurse

Cash flow relates to the amount of money received and spent in a given period. Business can have cash flow problems when the business spends too much money than they receive or because some people who owe them money have not paid their bills when they should. To avoid these problems to occur businesses should […]

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Financial Worksheet

The cash flow statement can help me organize my finances by being able to see how much money I am spending, and what I am spending it on. The statement breaks down everything from house related payments all the way to leisure activities like video games and movies. Being able to see what I spent […]

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Income Statement Shows the True Profit of an Entity

An income statement is part of the three main financial statements (balance sheet and cash flow statement) companies are obliged to produce by law. It is dependent upon by stakeholder to show a true and fair view for decision making. For instance, a potential investor that is willing to invest in a particular company. But, […]

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Teletech Corporation

1.What is a hurdle rate? How do you use it in a project evaluation? Hurdle rate is the minimum amount of return on a project the company is willing to accept before starting a project. It is used in project evaluation to evaluate the amount of return on the project. A common method for evaluating […]

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The Knot

The Knot was formed in December 1995 by David Liu, the co-founder and CEO with a dream of building the country’s number-one wedding resource online. The core management team started with Daivd Liu (CEO), Carley Roney (VP of creative development), Michael Wolfson (VP of new business development) and Rob Fassino (VP of marketing). David Liu […]

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Ann Talyor Strategy

Firstly we start the planning of strategy from the less specific to the most specific. That is starting from vision, then mission statements and lastly the strategic objectives. For the Ann Taylor, the vision is “we get women”. Ann Taylor aims to evolve with the needs of women. Ann Taylor get that a woman expresses […]

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Cash to Accrual Basis

According to Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), along with accrual accounting, it is recommended that the public sector move to accrual accounting in order to optimize the benefits of the shift from cash to accruals. Malaysia is targeting 2016 to fully adopt accrual accounting. Cash accounting records the cash effects of a transaction in the […]

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Net present value Calculation

Using this online NPV Calculation Tool… we get the following NPV at 15% Net Cash Flows CF0 = -3000000 CF1 = 1100000 CF2 = 1450000 CF3 = 1300000 CF4 = 950000 Discounted Net Cash Flows DCF1 = 1100000/(1+0.15)^1 = 1100000/1.15 = 956521.74 DCF2 = 1450000/(1+0.15)^2 = 1450000/1.3225 = 1096408.32 DCF3 = 1300000/(1+0.15)^3 = 1300000/1.52087 […]

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