Electric Cars

I. Introduction In today’s world community, there has a turn of the traditional view of energy sources and the environment. Generally, prevention of environmental degradation and the issue of augmenting energy production are seen to be most controversial matters, and this has raised a heated debate allover world. As far as the energy and environmental […]

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The invention of cars has brought about both positive and negative effects to people and environment. It has made life easy by providing convenient and safe means of transport. Car manufacturers provide buyers with different options to choose. They produce cars with different models, sizes, and features. Cars, however, cause accidents, pollute the environment, and […]

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The Management to Buy Cars

This is a presentation to advice the management to buy cars for the sales team of a cosmetics company. I am a consultant requested to offer a recommendation in PowerPoint about the best bank chosen to offer loans to purchase the cars. The company deals with the production as well as sale of NIVEA body […]

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Data gathering

There are more cars and trucks going through the intersection of Spring Street and Route 27 in the morning than the afternoon. How to determine cars and trucks Cars are usually used for taking passengers to the destination; in general, they are smaller than trucks. As for trucks, there are larger spaces to carry items, […]

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