Career Path Choice: Network Administrator or Computer Systems Administrator

Introduction Most students around the globe who have completed high school education and desire to pursue information technology careers find it difficult to select their courses. Most students and parents who are still new in information technology tertiary institutions worry about demands of job market as well as about rewards and security of careers of […]

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Conflict, Decision Making, Career Development Plan

Introduction The corporate world to today can be termed as one that has been very successful in the world business world. The modern corporate ethics and structures have seen a transformation that has never been seen before in the history of businesses and organizations. These transformations have introduced new ways of tackling the problems that […]

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Communication Skills for Career Development

During the course of my study I have learnt that good communication skills are very important in getting a job, especially graduate job. Every business has both internal and external stakeholders all of whom interact only through communication. Therefore being to communicate with various people is an essential requirement during job advertisement. Employers look for […]

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Career and Employee Development

Currently, many organizations have developed the aspect of the protean career model. They have a flexible structure which allows change in the work setting. It opposes to primitive organization structure which does not allow change in responsibility among employees. This career motivates employee to work hard basing on their performance of the set goals. Protean […]

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Managing People and Performance

I believe that everyone is born in this world for some specific purpose. Career in my sense is a path that a person takes to reach his final goal in life. For a career, it is important for everyone to identify one’s current position and one’s goal in life. Simply speaking, career is like a […]

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Personal Career Development Plan

In this essay my medium to long term career objectives are identified as completing a PhD and working towards chartership in a large occupational psychology consultancy. The background to these aims is outlined. I consider my aptitude for such goals in relation to frameworks including the Myers Briggs Type Inventory, Schein’s Career Anchors and Holland’s […]

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Career Plan for International Students

Currently, a growing number of international students start to worry about their future career after graduation, especially those suffering from the severe pressure of unemployment and economic downturn in their hometown. Although they have gained the experience of studying and living abroad, most overseas students with more job opportunities than their contemporaries in their hometown […]

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Career Exploration Paper

John Krumboltz once said, “You have control over your own actions and how you think about the events that impact your life. None us can control the outcomes, but your actions can increase the probability that desired outcomes will occur. There are no guarantees in life. The only guarantee is that doing nothing will get […]

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Steps for Deciding the Career That Suits You Best

Everyone hopes and dreams of something to achieve in his or her life. People come to a point or a stage when they choose what path they are going to take in order to continue their journey in life. Hence, it is very important to have certain goals and dreams, such as the career that […]

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Career Goals

I am currently going for my Bachelor Degree in Paralegal Studies. I have been employed 13 years by an attorney who practices personal injury. Even though experience the majority of the time is good to have, having the degree can give you the confident needed to proof that you do have what it takes to […]

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