Sports as a Carrer Option in India

Days and years have passed where one considered sports as just a recreation activity or hobby. In the present scenario, sports industry has emerged as one of the most lucrative options in India as well as outside. The sports industry is so vast than one could imagine, with a plethora of opportunities. It encompasses not […]

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Esthetician Research

My research essay is based on esthetics and what I have researched about this career in the esthetics industry. The job outlook for estheticians and skin care specialists is very good. The BLS states that job outlook projections through the year 2014 for esthetcians is expected to grow about as fast as the average for […]

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What Are Your Aims for Your Future Career Development

Inspite of having a very rewarding time in my career, I still feel that there a lot of things which I should instill in me. To satisfy my desire for success, I believe I should be a complete package and for which, I should continue my quest for knowledge. After gaining a substantial experience in […]

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Design and Evaluation of a Career Program in Practice

The word career has been used to refer to the means through which work or an occupational title is developed. However, with the ever-changing nature of work, the meaning of the word has been changed and is used to mean series of work roles assumed by individuals through out their life times. Career development may […]

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