Cardiology Cardiovascular disease became an important issue for modern medicine at the beginning of the Twentieth century. By the late 80’s coronary disease became the number one source of deaths in the United States. Every two people died from heart attacks, while three others suffered from them. Many people and their studies throughout history, dating […]

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Exercise Electrocardiogram Lab

The purpose of this lab is to understand the concepts of an electrocardiogram of a normal person as well as understand what a normal ECG and an exercise ECG look like when performing a Bruce protocol treadmill test. Methods Materials- Test subject, ECG-12lead, 10 electrodes, treadmill The subject must have the electrodes properly connected before […]

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Congestive Heart Failure

My essay is directed to all the people out there that have wanted to know about congestive heart failure or is living with and taking care of a loved one with this disease. I myself have lost loved ones to this disease and now my mother suffers with it. So, I believe this essay has […]

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