Carbon dioxide

CO2 Emissions in the Air Travel Industry

•Aviation accounts for 2% of total man-made CO2 emissions. In the 1st five years of 21st century, aviation’s CO2 emissions rose by about 5% to more than 700 million tons. The total worldwide CO2 emissions increased by 13% during this time. •Up to 18% of fuel is wasted through operational and infrastructural inefficiencies, which amounts […]

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Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Footprint briefly defined is the amount of CO2 left behind after any human activity. They can be classified into primary and secondary footprints. [ (McLean 2008) ] Primarily, it is the direct emission of CO2 from burning fossil fuels or any kind of fuels. They are considered the main and biggest source of CO2 […]

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Rogerian Argument

Does the high level of Carbon Dioxide (C02) possibly harm the Earth’s planetary biosphere, or has it already done so; in fact, many worldwide scientists have protested that the Earth is at its ‘tipping point’ but no efforts have been adapted to save the biosphere? A support of this controversial topic; congressional meeting and testimony, […]

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The Causes and Effects of Co2

There are many different air pollutants created from many different sources. Sources of air pollution range from car exhaust emissions (Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Lead & particulate matter), industrial sources such as factories, power plants and refineries (Sulphur dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide etc) air-conditioning and refrigeration (CFCs). Natural sources also […]

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Power without Carbon

Fossil Fuels, according to Howard Geller (2002), provide about 80% of world’s energy. Fossil Fuels are carbon-based, non-renewable resources that are formed from ‘prehistoric plants and animals’ (Patefield and Lakin, 1998). The organic compounds found in dead plants and animals decay under several layers of sedimentary rocks, which cause heat and pressure. Slowly, after millions […]

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America’s Carbon Footprint

Florida will be the next lost city of Atlantis! That can be imagined when reading statistics from scientists predicting that in fewer than 100 years, most of southern Florida will be under water because of global warming (Wilbur, 2011). Global warming is the rising of the Earth’s temperature because of greenhouse gasses like the burning […]

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Cycles of Matter

1. Explain the role of decomposing bacteria in the carbon and nitrogen cycles. In the carbon cycle, decomposing bacteria release carbon from the decaying bodies or waste into the atmosphere. Without them, it won’t be able for any organism to access the carbon stored in dead bodies. In the nitrogen cycle, decomposing bacteria breaks down […]

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