Stoke Bruerne: Canal lives

Throughout the duration of the industrial revolution, many different types of transportation flourished, some would be useful and some would never be used. Canal boats were a massive part of the industrial revolution, carrying goods along canals to neighbouring villages and big towns, but for these boats to work, the work force that went with […]

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Panama Canal

From the beginning of the process of digging the Panama Canal, United States used unethical means to acquire sovereign right to the Panama Canal route. They made the people not only in Panama, but places around it to feel that they had been used. Even though many people considered the Panama Canal project good for […]

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Kennet and Avon canal

In 1970 , the Kennet and Avon canal prospectus was produced to show every body in the government what it would be like and involve. The canal would link Bristol [in the west] to London [in the east]. The reasons why the canal was going to be built are, that it was too long and […]

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