The Roaring Twenties in Canada

Did the twenties “roar”? A very questionable idea in which only the perspective of the people in the 1920s can demonstrate the solution towards this issue. Different people in the meaning of one another that lived among the 1920s had different views and considerations towards the twenties. It could perhaps influence them to be more […]

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The ways in which Canada, as a nation

In 1918, at the end of World War One, roughly 60 000 Canadians respectfully lost their lives in order for the safekeeping of millions of women, children and men all around the world. Many people question the loss of all these lives and whether or not it had been a beneficial outcome for Canada. Despite […]

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Death by Landscape and the Canadian Identity

“Death by Landscape” shows subtle, but nonetheless significant, qualltles regarding Canadian culture. The author (Margaret Atwood) uses Canadian landscape, Native culture, and character attributes to symbolize the Canadian identity. The struggle between Native Canadians and European Canadians to define what makes somebody Canadian Is a major theme In this story. The historically Inaccurate depiction of […]

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Public Service Commission

In Canada the Public Service Commission is a self-regulating body reporting to the parliament, and its work is to watch the integrity of the public service employing scheme and also to ensure that the public service is neutral in party politics. The Public Service Commission is able to oversee this through its act of Public […]

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Northern and Southern Ontario as a Periphery and Core

The concept of the dependency theory is one used to describe the relationship between core countries and periphery countries. In this theory, the nations comprising the periphery are poor countries, whose main purpose is the extraction of raw material. The raw material extracted from these countries flow towards the core, which happen to be the […]

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Battle of the Plains of Abraham

The battle of the Plains of Abraham was fought on the 13th of September 1759. It was the result of a three-month British siege of the French North Aerican capital of Quebec City. Although the battle lasted for a short period of time, involved comparatively few troops, and caused few casualties, the effects of the […]

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Statement of Purpose – Canada

Allow me to introduce myself as Raj, from Chandigarh, India having applied for admission in Langara College, Canada. Since my parents came from a modest financial background, it was my maternal grandmother who supported my education throughout. I have successfully completed my Matriculation from ICSE Board in March 2010 and Senior Secondary in Commerce stream […]

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Canadian Life Analyzed in Crow Lake

Canada is located on the northern hemisphere of the earth; hence, this country has a very cold environment. One may wonder how different culture is in Canada from the rest of the cold region countries in the world. Interaction with its people is one way of getting to know its culture. Another way is studying […]

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Canadian Geography

I. Introduction Canada is the world’s second largest country. Its territory extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Its vast lands stretch northward into the Arctic Ocean. It shares land borders with the United States to the south and northwest. Canada is a bilingual nation with both English and French as official languages. […]

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