CSUN Campus

California State University, Northridge,is a public (government established) institution located in Northridge, California. CSUN is a constituent campus of the distinguished California State University (CSU). It was initially incorporated as Valley Satellite campus, a constituent school of the Cal State Los Angeles College (CSULA). In 1958, the college became an independent institution and was subsequently […]

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The Campus Climate

I. Background The life and climate set out in a campus is composed of a very diverse environment that students, whether they like it or not, need to deal with. This fact is brought about by varying factors such as ethnic orientation, the obvious gender and age differences as well as different sexual orientations, ideas […]

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Campus Security with Video Surveillance

Topic Theory: The social contract theory is a premise which sought to explain why and how the state was formed. In order to attain peace and concord, the members of a given community must surrender some of their “natural rights” to a “sovereign” (government). This “sovereign,” in turn, would use these newly-obtained “natural rights” to […]

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Campus Safety

Life inside campus is a reflection of the life in the larger society. If the society is violent and crime prone, this further extends inside the campus where students are still grappling with a sense of new found freedom. Campus safety hence becomes an important topic to both students and their parents. The United States […]

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The Chrysalis Effect

The campus location I was supposed to observe was the flowerbeds. I went there to observe the butterflies. It was four o’clock in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I failed to find unusual thing there. So, I went to the near stream. There are a number of trees around. I tried to find another subject of my […]

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