Based on information in the attached article, Principal Earnie Graham uses a purely traditional managerial approach in running Brittan Elementary School in Sutter, California. He clearly defines his authority when he says that it is within his power to set rules that promote a positive school environment. In his opinion, identification badges will improve things […]


California was the 31st state, which received its statehood on Sept. 9, 1850 , and nickname is the Golden State. The bird is the California Valley Quail; the flower is the golden poppy; the tree is the California Redwood; and the state motto is Eureka (I have Found It). There are many sights to see […]

The Problem in California

The problem in California is that the state has been spending too much. Though the states’ income has been going up every year, the rate of spending has shot up than the income. This was admitted by state senator Dick Ackerman. The voters in this state staged a coup and recalled the then sitting Senator […]

Southern California for New Urbanism on Residential Development

Today, design professionals and city planners, builders and developers, real estate owners and other people involved in business of development faces new challenges in providing human settlements on a highly urbanized environment. While change goes with the demand of new technology, the worldwide economic crisis in the beginning of the 90’s, pushes people who are […]

Tell us about a personal quality you bring to University of California

I am very considerate of others because it has given me remarkable experiences learning more about others than being in-tune with myself. This personal quality brings a sense of integrity, understanding, and trustworthiness to the University of California student body. In my past, I have learned that placing others before me broadens my horizon in […]

California Court System

California is home to one of the largest court systems in the United States. Filing nearly nine million cases in its lifetime, the system has served over 37 million people (Darling). The California system can be separated into three branches. The first branch is known as the Supreme Court of California, and they are the […]

Plate Tectonics and Related Hazards in Southern California

On April 18, 1906, San Francisco was struck by an earthquake that shook the city or about 20 seconds. The quake cracked gas lines to homes and businesses and ignited a deadly menace. The fires raged for days on end and burned down the city’s buildings and neighborhoods. 75% of the city was destroyed. Homes, […]

A Dream or a Nightmare

It seems to be the best place in the world to some people. The drive for success and opportunity to strike it rich seems to be the main reason. In California, if you put your time and one hundred percent effort into what you want to be you could be successful in any field of […]


The sunny city of trees is my preferred habitat, a habitat is where you grow and thrive. Sacramento, California is the wonderful place I call home; from nature to city, this town fills my heart with joy. From morning jogs, afternoon’s at the river, evenings at Cobblestone, to late nights in the heart of the […]

California Dream

In the late 19th century, the discovery of gold in California drew thousands of people in from across the United States and all around the world in a feverish rush to strike rich. Many left everything behind to dare venture into the final frontier of the wilderness that was California. Word quickly spread about a […]

California Health and Human Services Agency

Amidst the political turmoil that succumbs within the depth of the country.  It is amazing to realize the government is looking for means to help make every American’s life worth living.

What is the Problem with Affirmative Action: Chávez and Crosby Attempt an Answer?

Having benefited from affirmative action, Lydia Chávez admits her interest in the policy began with a personal reflection upon her own educational background. Chávez is a Latin American woman who went to the University of California at Berkley.

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