Byzantine Empire

Hagia Sophia

During the expansive time period from 527 to 1935, the Hagia Sophia changed from an Eastern Orthodox Church to an Islamic mosque to a Museum; however the beautiful and historical architecture stayed the same throughout the era because the changes the Hagia Sophia underwent did not include a change in architecture, rather, they remained mostly […]

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Empress Theodora

In this project I am investigating how Empress Theodora become so powerful, what ways did she use? The author of The Secret History, the only source of information about Theodora, was named Procopius. He was a great historian of the Byzantine Empire, who was born in Caesarea on the coast of Palestine in 500 A. […]

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Byzantine DBQ

What is the Primary Reason to Study the Byzantines? The Byzantine Empire and its capital city of Constantinople thrived for more than one thousand years and helped shape the history of the modern world. The Byzantines have been largely ignored in classrooms across the nation. Key reasons to study the Byzantine are their religious influence, […]

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