Contemporary Business Organizations

Organizational leaders should be cautious when members team up in groups. However, their curiosity should be driven towards understanding that groups are not always harmful to organizations. Sometimes these groups can be a source of positive strength. They should be appreciated by management because in pursuit of fulfilling their goals as a team, they contribute […]

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Contemporary Business

Product strategy is a technique used as a planning tool of selling products in a market. It takes into considerations the objectives of the business, selling strategies, pricing, competitors, consumer’s tastes and preferences among others. Product life cycle refers to an arc that shows the life of a product in the market in terms of […]

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Competitive Analysis and Business Cycles

Intermediate and Final Goods Intermediate good refers to the good that is used as input in the production of other goods. This implies that these goods serve as raw materials and are utilized in the achievement of the desired product. Wheat is a significant example of an intermediate good that is utilized in the production […]

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“The Business Man” by Edgar Allan Poe

This essay investigates the literature on the works of Edgar Allan Poe about work and business. It particularly focuses on methodology as one of the most effective tools often used in pursuit of success in business and work. According to Edgar Poe, people should only apply methodologies that they fully understand. However, they should bind […]

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Communication in Business

It has always been said that proper communication is an integral part of the prosperity. To this effect, proper and well established communication systems need to be put in place if any triumph is to be achieved. The importance of proper communication is not limited to any field and therefore should be implemented in its […]

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Business Writing

Business ethics is an essential component in the day-to-day interaction between employers and employees. Business ethics gives employees and employers directions. However, business ethics is relative, and there is no standard formula to identify ethical practices from unethical ones. Furthermore, there is a thin line between ethical and unethical considerations. The relativity on the application […]

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Business-to-Consumer e-Commerce

There is a need to outline various issues associated with business-to-consumer e-commerce as a modern platform for business transactions. E-Commerce, also known as electronic commerce, is a form of industry where buyers and sellers conduct business transactions via electronic fronts such as the internet. As the sales characteristic of e-business, e-commerce entails the exchange of […]

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Business Ethics

The search for excellence begins with ethics. ?very time a person chooses between alternatives, the choice is based on assumptions that lie at the heart of a moral code. The code is grounded in values that provide the framework for principled reasoning and ethical decisions. Commerce depends for its very existence on the ethical behavior […]

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Business that raised ethical issues

Introduction Some about 60 years ago failure of a vital organ such as the kidney, liver, and heart meant immense suffering and automatically giving one a certificate to face the grave. However with the advent of clinical organ transplantation, molecular biology, immunology and effective immuno suppression to prevent rejection, came the hope for a second […]

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Business Strategy or Idea

Work related processes can be a big challenge for business organizations particularly in ensuring the efficiency of the various operations within the company. The previously used methods such as direct recording of data such as the pen and paper method or the excel sheet application have exhibited numerous flaws with respect to efficiency of operations. […]

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