Investigating business

In this unit I will choose and analyse a particular organisation with concern to its main aims and objectives, which I will explore. With the use of P.E.S.T.L.E analysis I will also analyse how external issues have contributed to the success of the organisation. I have chosen to analyse a clothing and homeware retailer called […]

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Amazon – Keeping Customers Happy

This paper is on the customer service qualities and marketing strategies implemented by It offers a brief history and description of the business, how they handle customer service situations, and interesting marketing strategies. I have also included my own personal thoughts and simple techniques that could improve these various areas.; Keeping Customers Happy […]

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Get the best out of B2C

Over the last few years, many words have come into our vocabulary: e-mail, www, dotcom, Internet, e-commerce, e-business, browser, etc. All these new terms have one thing in common, belonging to the new economy — e-commerce — technology-mediated exchanges between parities (individuals, organizations, or both) as well as the electronically based intra- or inter-organizational activities […]

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Developing a successful engineering company in Northern Ireland

1. Introduction To create and develop any sort of business takes a lot of hard work, insight and enthusiasm. There are many options to consider and challenges to overcome before even attempting to move forward. Expenses to cover; strategies to implement; budgets to plan and rivals to consider. Perhaps the biggest factor to contemplate is […]

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ritically evaluate a B2B organisation of your choice

In this report it is my aim to critically evaluate a B2B organisation in order to gain a sound knowledge of the business, the area it operates in and also to be able to make recommendations in how the organisation can improve. Typically B2B organisations tend to be out of the spotlight of customers, as […]

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How a designer should best approach a client or company

My aims for this module are to research into how a designer should best approach a client or company with regards to designing and making a product for them. Throughout my research I will consider a number of crucial factors associated with visiting a client or company to design an item of furniture for them. […]

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What keeps businesses competitive

Section 1: Introduction A competitive firm is a business that satisfies consumers needs as well as trying to stay ahead of the competition it might have. There are two main ways in which firms stay competitive. This is by the quality of their service or product and they way in which the product or service […]

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Chuck’s Wagon Case Study

This paper first aims to briefly introduce Chuck’s Wagon business, operations and performance, then to discuss the main problems the company faces, followed by a set of recommendations on how to face the issues and improve the company, its operations and performance. i. Chuck’s Establishment In 1977 Bill Chuck founded Chuck’s Wagon (Chuck’s), a small […]

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KPMG International

In the late 1990s, expectations from global clients and international opportunities for development were prompting a signal of greater level of global strategy in KPMG. After Colin Sharman’s took over in 1997, the new chairman perceived the needs to develop such new strategy. Because at that point of time, KPMG had already established its business […]

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Business Planning Criteria and Definitions

One useful way of analysing an organisation’s external environment is by grouping external environment is by grouping external forces neatly into four areas using a PEST analysis. Pest stands for P-POLITICAL E-ECONOMIC S-SOCIAL T-TECHNOLOGICAL Carrying out a PEST analysis involves identifying the key factors external to an organisation that are in a state of flux […]

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