Business Law

INTERNATIONALCOMMERCIALARBITRATION A.What is International Arbitration? 1.Defining Characteristics of Commercial Arbitration 2.Special Characteristics of International Commercial Arbitration 3.Legal Framework for International Commercial Arbitration 5. International Arbitration Agreements B.An Overview of the Advantages and Disadvantages of International C.An Overview of Leading International Arbitration Institutions and Rules a.International Chamber of Commerce International Court Of Arbitration c. London Court […]

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Business Law Term Paper Assignment

PART 1 Andrew Fastow, the erstwhile chief financial officer of Enron Corporation, was a person of perverted intelligence and misplaced ambition. These dubious qualities ensured that Fastow departed from doing the right things and committed the worst ever corporate fraud. He knew what he was doing when he was wrecking Enron and indirectly plotting his […]

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Business Law Problems

Introduction Starting and setting up a new company may most often be both frightening and exciting. There are numerous administrative items to take into consideration. These will include company location and size, legal requirements, employees, capital, finances and employment legislation among others. These major undertakings bring about concerns and anxieties: “Will I be successful?” To […]

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Business Law: Law of Contract

Zach sold a restaurant to Shane for $295,000. As part of the agreement, Zach promised not to open another restaurant business for three years within a 50-mile radius of the one sold. Now, the problem is whether if this agreement enforceable against Zach? Under such parameters it should be noted that a contract is a […]

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Business Law Case Study

Liability is a concept that puts responsibility upon persons. In the legal realm liability is bestowed upon different individuals or groups depending on the responsibility conferred upon them by their positions and their acts are expected to meet certain standards. The law does not allow somebody to limits liabilities unless in few circumstances which have […]

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Business Law and Finance

Accounting and finance are two different things in nature, but most of the people regarded both of them as a single thing (Danielson & Scott 2004). A large difference could be found among the basics of accounting and finance-based literature (Danielson & Scott 2004). Accounting is the name of recording the day-to-day transactions, while finance […]

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Business Law Analysis

It is undeniable that Intellectual Property (IP) is important to E-Commerce and vice versa because of several reasons. Experts believe that any business entity or individual that trades or wants to trade electronically must be aware and adhere to certain laws regarding intellectual property. As compared to other business systems, E-Commerce is more inclined in […]

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Business Law

Lenders of loans to a borrower always seek enforcement of security interest on the piece of collateral issued by the borrower in order to increase the level of security for the collateral and reduce the risk of default in case of lack of payment. Meiners, Ringleb and Edwards (2011) affirms that through the security interest […]

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Business Law for Managers

Every single day we enter into contracts. When we order a meal in the fast food or drop a coin while buying a ticket for a bus we enter a contract without even recognizing it. However, not all the agreements, that people enter into are enforced by law. Contractual agreements are the only ones that […]

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Liabilities and Principals of Agents: Authorized and Unauthorized

Robert A. Throckmorton Southern New Hampshire University Author Note This paper was prepared for Business 206, Business Law I, taught by Professor Wagner. Liabilities of Principals and Agents If a person knowingly and without objection permits another to act as his agent, the law will find in this conduct an expression of authorization to the […]

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