Bus Topology

Mesh topology is a network in which devices are connected to numerous redundant inter-connections, usually between network nodes. Full mesh and partial are two types of these typologies. Its advantage lies in the fact that it is fault tolerant and has the ability to withstand high traffic since data can be transmitted simultaneously from different […]

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Ensuring Safe Andaccessible Road Transportation for the Disabled in Lagos State

For most of us, life is difficult enough. People with physical disabilities are the ones who exhibit the strongest desire to succeed against all odds to challenge destiny every day of their lives! Many disabled Nigerians today rely on public transport such as bus train or taxi. They usually can’t afford a car and are […]

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Seat Belt on School Bus

With only a fraction of the states in the United States enacting laws that require seatbelts on school buses, most of the 23. 5 million children who commute on school buses do so without the safety of a seat belt. Seat belts should be required on all school buses, not just on smaller buses or […]

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Straddle Buses

China is home to more people than any other country on Earth, and they’re moving into megacities at a rate that’s simply unprecedented. In fact, just about everything about today’s China is unprecedented – this is a country facing some absolutely staggering challenges in the next 30 years. It’s a peek into the future for […]

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To sir with love

A crowded red double-Decker bus crawls(moves slowly)through the morning traffic. (a wide description about the all the women in the bus). He is surrounded by rather large but good crowd of women who are off for their morning shopping and other activities. The bus gives a fresh feeling all over. He is the only man […]

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Bus and Stagecoach Group

Stagecoach Group was founded by ‘Brian Souter’ and his sister ‘Ann Gloag’ Aim to provide public transport across the UK, USA and Canada. The group splits its operations into smaller divisions consisting of UK buses, UK rails and North America. Their main clients are general public, tourists, elderly and the disabled. During the London Olympics […]

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Dont get me started

I hate buses. I really do hate buses, so much that it’s turning me insane. Just like you would get ready for your work or school, you will have to always get ready for your ten minutes of serpentine inferno. As a bus passenger for the last decade, I hardly ever get treated with the […]

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