Standards and Building Codes of Australia

Australia has one of the best Legislation, Regulations, standards & Building Codes in the world. These standards are followed by the Commonwealth, State, and Territory Governments. Authorities in Australia oversee that these standards are strictly followed, in order to achieve and maintain, “Uniform set of technical provisions, acceptable standards of structural sufficiency, safety, health, and […]

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Building Construction

Research pertinent to the fields of building construction has shown that buildings, in the way they are being built today, are a major contributor to unhealthy exploitation of the natural resources adding to the pollution of the environment. In the latter part of the nineteenth century, when cement first came into its general use for […]

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Techniques for Building Relationships

Building positive relationships with customers and stakeholders is a basic necessity in any business. These relationships go a long way in terms of supporting business growth. There are many techniques, which can be used when building long-term relationships with customers. Among those techniques scholars distinguish open-ended questions, active listening, effective feedback, making no assumptions, prompt […]

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Case team building

Introduction Performance evaluation is the critical task in heath care facility despite several challenges involved during its implementation (Yeh, Smith, Jennings & Castro, 2006). All organizations: health care facilities, governmental, non-governmental and private sector among other organizations undergo continuous changes. An effective organizational management needs a leader with relevant skills and experience in a specific […]

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Office building

Design processes can be broken down in different phases. These are analysis, synthesis, evaluation (or appraisal) and production. A team is usually assembled to plan the tasks and processes to enable the construction of a building from the stage of drawing and specification to construction of the building and occupation. The design can consist of […]

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Prospect of Shipbuilding in Bangladesh

On the other hand, Shipbuilding: An industry with high risks and investment associated industry can be hope for Bangladesh because it is basically an assembling industry needing lots of labor resource. This labor resource is being considered as the most dominating factor considering the world’s best shipbuilding country’s economic outlook: China. China is currently the […]

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Can smart buildings really help to make life at home more pleasurable

Criterion A: Describing the issue According to; A smart building is a home or building, usually a new one, that is equipped with special structured wiring to enable occupants to remotely control or program an array of automated home electronic devices by entering a single command. Some electronic devices that can be controlled using […]

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Hot & Cold Water Systems in Domestic & Commercial Buildings

In this report I will be discussing how hot and cold water systems work both in an office building and also in a three bedroom house. I shall also be discussing suitable air conditioning systems for these two types of building. I shall approach this using drawings and diagrams. 3 Bedroom House Hot Water System […]

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Design Principles and Applications assignment

The advantages to the owner of the building is that the BMS would increase the rental value of the property. The BMS makes obvious power consumption and energy cost cuts meaning a reduced expense to the occupier in terms of running cost bills, but this cost would be balanced out by the increased cost in […]

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How and why has the use of the buildings that house the Quay Arts

Newport Quay, situated at the centre of the island, was one of a variety of buildings surrounding it in 1900. Some of these included the main building, Mew Langton’s brewery warehouse, as well as the Shephard Brothers warehouses and the rope store – each with a different purpose and providing different services. The Quay was […]

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