British Broadcasting Corporation

The upgrading and innovation in the sector of broadcasting has made the globe to be a small village. Individuals easily converse with each other across the world. News is channeled from one country to another across the planet. This has enabled people to be aware of what is happening in different parts of the world. […]

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Working Contexts in Broadcasting According to Stuart Hall

Broadcast media fulfills an important societal role.  In both radio and the even more powerful medium of television, the cultural and economic context in which media outlets operate has had a substantial effect on the way that the public receives information and, indeed, the way it behaves in response.  Jamaican-born, U.K. educated social theorist Stuart […]

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Most Influential Figure in History of Broadcasting – Rush Limbaugh

There are many dedicated and enthusiastic personalities in the history of broadcasting who have meaningfully contributed towards the rise and development of broadcasting. When it comes to choosing the most influential personality of broadcasting, what should be the criteria? Is that the achievements in the field that counts most or it require some thing more […]

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Communication remains the most fundamental element of society and its progress. Therefore, the modern epoch of information technology – also known as the era of ‘satellite communication necessitates mass media as part and parcel of human existence, experience, and endeavour. Through communication, members of a society share their experiences and knowledge, understands each other, and […]

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