British Empire

Religious North America In The

The British Empire was for more than a century the dominant global superpower and the largest empire in history, with colonies in all the continents of the world – Europe (i. e. in Ireland), the Americas, Asia, Africa, and the Australian-Pacific subcontinent. (Canny, 1998) Many factors can be adduced as reasons for the establishment of […]

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Commercial Policy of British in India

1. The Coming of the Europeans into India (1600-1757) – The lure for trade and profit brought many trading companies to India. The trade –cum-political corporation called the English East India Company came to India and gave an expansive touch to India’s national commerce. It opened new markets for Indian goods in Europe and thereby […]

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Land Revenue System

The history of Land Administration dates back to the olden days of kings and Kingdoms. The Land Revenue was the major source of revenue for the kings. The present system of preparing and maintaining land records originated from the Moghul period and it reached its scientific form during the British rule. During the British times […]

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Policy of Appeasement

How far was Britain having no allies the reason why the British government adopted a policy of appeasement? By the mid 1930’s the government was concerned about growing fascist power in Germany and Italy. Having no allies was very anti-war and that was one influence on the government when they adopted the policy of appeasement. […]

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Benin a British protectorate

In 1892 the new vice-consul for the Benin river section Captain Henry Gallwey visited Benin and signed a treaty which made Benin a British protectorate, but as far as the British were concerned the treaty proved disappointing and by 1896 many British traders and officials were calling for military intervention, although the foreign office seemed […]

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British Rule

The British rule over India changed the course of history in India. The British came to India at the start of the seventeenth century. This was the time when the British East India Company was established in India to break the Dutch monopoly over spice trade. With time the East India Company increased its powers […]

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Road to Revolution

The British Empire was one of the strongest and wealthiest Empire in the world during this time period. Britain being the mother country to the American colonies, used nine different parliament (laws) acts from 1763-1775 to control the American colonies. These Acts were cruel and unusual punishments to the American colonies. It was a way […]

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Concerns in the Balkans 1956-1902

Assess the reasons for British concerns in the Balkans and the Mediterranean in the period 1856-1902 In the years from 1856-1902, Britain had many concerns in the Balkans and the Mediterranean. For example Britain’s involvement in the Crimean War was for many reasons including maintaining the Balance of Power, The Ottoman Empire, supporting Constitutional states, […]

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