Another Breakfast At Tiffanys

Truman Capote wrote the novel Breakfast at Tiffany’s without a rhyme or a reason. He used real life characters possessing different names. It is stated that the narrator just might have been Truman himself during his early years in New York. It is clear that Mr. Capote does not believe in traditional values. He himself […]

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Don’t Skip Breakfast

These days it is true that many of teenagers and workers do not have their breakfast. It has proven statistically that the number of teenagers who skip breakfast already exceeded 37% and approximately 40% of adults. Most of them seem to have the same reason to skip breakfast that they do not have time to […]

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Consumer Behaviour- Corn Flakes Case

How can cornflakes companies expand the category? The Indian breakfast cereal market is a small market when compared to countries like the USA but it is growing rapidly. This segment was valued at $139 million in 2012 and has witnessed a doubling of market growth over the past six years. It is comprised of cold cereals like cornflakes and […]

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Breakfast and Favorable Initial Experience

Disney in France: 1)What assumptions did Disney make about the tastes and preferences of French consumers? Which of these assumptions were correct? Which were not? Disney made assumptions on French consumers that in reality backfired on the corporation of the park. Unfortunately, in my point of view I think that all of these assumptions were […]

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