Abercrombie and Fitch Brand

Introduction Abercrombie and Fitch is a clothing company that is based in the US and has international branches which operate under the same name. The company was founded in the year 1892 David Abercrombie and was known as David T. Abercrombie co. The company has evolved through a series of events to what is now […]

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Brand Management

1. What are the luxury brands that LVMH sell and what does luxury mean in this context? What is the profile of consumers of luxury brands, in the US, Europe and Asia? What are the characteristics of these market segments and how do they differ from one another? (This includes the present and the potential […]

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The current and future prospects of Virgin

Virgin is one of the most established brands in Britain and also now becoming the first global brand name of the 21st century. Virgin began in the 1970’s with a student magazine and small mail order record company. From then on Virgin kept on evolving years after years. This organisation has many products and services […]

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Gant USA – Research Project

Today Gant is one of the more casual brands in the US, whilst in Europe it could be that too, but more commonly it’s an elegant brand with well looking shirts and accessories. Bernard Gant was one of the emigrants who left their country for America. Mr. Gant was a very creative man and wanted […]

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Brand Marketing Example #2

Nike vs. Adidas Intro The Nike and Adidas brand is well renowned globally and plays a major role in consumer decision making. The brand image for both Nike and Adidas is immense. Adidas has been slowly eroding the market share from Nike and Adidas has comfortably moved to the second spot in this highly competitive […]

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The Black and Decker Household Products Group

Question 1: Should the transition of B&D brand name to the GE small Appliances be immediate, gradual or should B&D wait the full 3 years to “give up” the GE name on its house wares appliances? Which GE products do you think should be transitioned first and why? We believe that the transition of the […]

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Strategic Management – Nike & Reebok

1. Which generic business- level strategy is each company following? Nike mission statement is “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world – If you have a body, you are an athlete”. Nike using focus based on differentiation strategy. They use this strategy to satisfy their mission, also because they focusing on […]

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Nike’s Analysis

From our days, it is impossible to find someone who has never heard or talked about this brand and its slogan. Nike profit is mostly from the sneaker sector, where it is one of the biggest competitors on the planet. Today people who buy Nike do so not just for sport. On the contrary, it […]

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Brand Management Essay

By using the word “identity? in the above statement by de Chernatony suggests that consumers make sense of both the world and who they are through inferring meaning to their consumption and possession habits. This is an extended view of the theory which suggests that objects carry important personal significance and not necessarily brands. It […]

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Brand Imaging

In the modern business world establishing a brand image can be as important as the product/service a business provides. A recognised and trusted brand image shows the consumer that a business is dependable. This is why businesses work hard at establishing and maintaining a positive brand image. Large organisations work hard to raise the power […]

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