Brand Management

1. What are the luxury brands that LVMH sell and what does luxury mean in this context? What is the profile of consumers of luxury brands, in the US, Europe and Asia? What are the characteristics of these market segments and how do they differ from one another? (This includes the present and the potential […]

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Contemporary Brand Management

1.Introduction This report will discuss the McDonalds brand relating in particular to brand concepts and academic models that I feel that are relevant to the company. In this report I will examine brand analysis; the brands image and a positioning statement. The retail environment will be discussed in detail too as my evidence shows McDonalds […]

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Est Cola

What is the biggest challenge of “Est” Cola by Serm suk? What will be your recommended marketing strategy for Serm suk to overcome such challenge? The challenge number one of Est-cola is to build the brand to be known in Thailand. But at present they already have been recognized by customers with the second leader […]

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Mountain Dew: Selecting a New Creative

1. What are the decision filters used by brand managers to evaluate brand communications? Mountain Dew is finding for a good branding strategy and new concepts as part of improving its brand position in the competitive market with their most appropriate decision. Choose the right and creative advertisement that gives the maximum impact of Mountain […]

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