What is the effect of warfare on the characters and their relationships in “Journey’s End”

The First World War, what can you expect? Dirty, horrible conditions, rat infested trenches, disinfected water, intense boredom and the repetition of machine guns viciously rattling in the distance. These are the predicaments that the soldiers had to cope with in the deadly war. Though there was a battle on between the Germans and the […]

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Which character do you think the audience would empathise with the most

I think the audience would empathise with Stanhope the most. This is because of his undoubted loyalty and commitment to his company. Although he is an alcoholic we as an audience understand why he does drink. His reaction when Raleigh appears primarily seems harsh and uncaring but we later understand why he reacts this way. […]

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In what ways does the writer use the character of Raleigh in this play

In Journey’s End we follow the character of Raleigh for a very good reason. Raleigh is the inexperienced new boy figure, thrust into a public school dormitory that has undergone a foul mutation at the hands of the great war. The characters have adapted to their more than difficult situation and have become entangled in […]

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In Journey’s End Which Character Do You Feel Sympathetic Towards and Why

We feel sympathy for Raleigh when he first comes across Stanhope. As Stanhope enters the dug out and sits down for a drink, he is told of a new officer arriving. He soon greets the unknown officer and discovers it is his old friend Raleigh. Stanhope “stares at Raleigh as though dazed. ” Sympathy is […]

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Pre-1914 Poetry William Shakespeare (1562-1616) Sonnet 29, and Sonnet 130

Shakespeare is renowned not only for his ability in writing plays, but also for his talent in writing sonnets. Shakespeare wrote over one hundred and fifty sonnets, most of which concern love and affection. In this essay, we will be looking at two of his famous sonnets, Sonnet 29 and Sonnet 130. Shakespeare’s description in […]

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To what extent are the women in the following poems ‘Trapped’, ‘Afternoons’, ‘Mirror’ and ‘My Grandmother’

Although all three poems tell very different stories, they share a very similar message about how women can be trapped in their feelings and other people’s expectations of them. Mirror: Sylvia Plath wrote the poem ‘Mirror’ in the mid-twentieth century. It is a very clever poem, which describes the internal and external problems a woman […]

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How Norris has made the poem “The Ballad of Billy Rose” particularly vivid

“The Ballad of Billy Rose” by Leslie Norris is a thought-provoking poem where the poet reminisces about a particular incident in his childhood. Throughout the poem the poet employs a variety of poetic techniques to enhance the imagery such as rhyme, enjambement, figurative language and alliteration. The poem “The Ballad of Billy Rose” begins with […]

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This poem is a compilation of Sylvia Plath’s innermost feelings of the time

A spinster, by definition, is a woman past the usual marrying age or considered unlikely to marry because she lacks the qualities men desire in their partners. One could characterize a spinster as an ‘old maid’, a woman doomed to loneliness by chance and prejudices. The girl who is the focus and protagonist of Sylvia […]

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Shakespeare’s representation of love in at least two sonnets you have studied

We know there are two types of sonnets; the Shakespearean sonnet which has three four line quatrains, one two line rhyming couplet and an obvious rhyme scheme. The other type of sonnet is known as the Petrarchan sonnet. This consists of an octet, then a sestet and also a distinct rhyming scheme. I have studied […]

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William Shakespeare Poetry

Was written by William Shakespeare on the sixteenth century. It has a similar theme to many of Shakespeare’s sonnets, the cruelty of time and how, in a sense his words can defeat time by lashing much longer than the actual person who inspired him. His poem describes a woman who is better than a summer’s […]

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