‘Valentine’ by Carol Anne Duffy and the two Shakespearean poems ‘My Mistress’ Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun’ and ‘Sonnet XVIII’

I have chosen to come the three poems ‘Valentine’ by Carol Anne Duffy and the two Shakespearean poems ‘My Mistress’ Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun’ and ‘Sonnet XVIII,’ as I feel they are three poems that can be compared well together. There are a multitude of similarities and differences shared between the three poems. […]

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Compare the ways the poets present their personalities in any four poems

The four poems I have chosen are Kid by Simon Armitage, Havisham by Carol Ann Duffy, The Laboratory by Robert Browning and On My First Born Sonne by Ben Jonson. Each of these poems are very different, the most obvious difference being the different ages they were written in. But they all have one major […]

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A Valediction Forbidden Mourning vs Love Poem

“A Valediction Forbidden Mourning” by John Donne and “Love Poem” by Elizabeth Jennings both are poems about love, but in each case, love is seen in a different way. Both authors, however write from their own experience, which is why their poems are so unlike. Donne uses a regular ab, ab, rhyme scheme, which suggests […]

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Self Help Books

Self-help books are books written with the stated intention to instruct readers on a number of personal problems. They are the literature related to psychological phenomenon and focused on finding and solving problems on one’s own. For many, the incentive is self-improvement to heal them from illness and discard bad habits, fears, and complexes. For […]

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Which poem depicts the agony of love and which the ecstasy

Love has been used as a central theme for many great works of art. From poems, to stories and even the plays of Shakespeare Love has been depicted in many ways and in many styles and moods. Love is usually seen as a brilliant thing but different poets and artists see it in different ways. […]

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How Does Shakespeare Portray The Theme Of Love In Twelfth Night

In Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night (or What You Will); many different types of love are present and experienced by the characters. These range from true love, to friendship to unrequited love, which is unreturned. Such as the love triangle between the Duke Orsino, Viola/Cesario and Olivia. These three are the main characters; they form the […]

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John Donne’s poems

Many of John Donne’s poems are on the subject of love and equally as many on the subject of sex. As a love poet, especially when Donne writes vividly on his wife he is very much concerned with his subject (his wife) however he can appear selfish and cold in the more sexual referenced poems. […]

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Compare La Belle Dame Sans Merci and A Trampwoman’s Tragedy

The ballads La Belle Dame Sans Merci and A Trampwoman’s Tragedy at first appear similar; they both have what could be interpreted as love and a possible death however these are left ambiguous, they also have similar dreamy or illusive nature to them and an innocence conveyed by the main characters in each. The two […]

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Discuss in detail Shakespeare’s attitude to love

You must remember that ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is a play-how do love elements and various plots affect the reader or audience? Consider the role of Puck, the confusion and the humour. The play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, written by William Shakespeare is a focus on many types of love. The play was written at […]

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Compare how the theme of love is presented in at least two pre 1900 poems

I will be comparing the poem ‘First Love’ by John Clare and sonnet CXVI (116) ‘Let Me Not’ by William Shakespeare ‘First Love’. ‘First Love’ is about the disappointment of him not being able to marry a daughter of a rich farmer. His first impressions of her have made an ever-lasting impression and cause devastating, […]

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