Arabic Blackberry

The phenomenon of the Blackberry in the Middle East is that everyone wants to stay connected. The adoption of the Blackberry website in the Middle East is the first step in improving user’s access to Blackberry phone information. Brugger argues that the aim of the Blackberry website analysis is to map and explain its strategic […]

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Research in Motion

In July 4, 2007, it was reported that Research in Motion (RIMM) had finally received clearance to sell its popular PDA/phone, BlackBerry in the People’s Republic of China. The report detailed how RIM planned to enter the Chinese market through key cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzho in its efforts to pre-empt its newly released […]

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The Marketing Plan Background

The purpose of the background is to describe and analyse the firm’s current position in the market place. Here you should attempt to answer the question “where are we now?” by taking a ‘snapshot’ of the current situation and explaining not only what is happening in this marketplace but why, who and what are the […]

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