Bitcoin May Be VAT Exempt In The NL

The residents of the Netherlands are expecting to see Bitcoin as a VAT exempt soon. Bitcoin is a great technology, known by people around the world for its low fees and fast transactions. The Bitcoin technology is making waves of progression in The Netherlands. The region has inspiring projects like Arnhem Bitcoinstad which might be […]

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Adam Draper To Fund 30 Bitcoin Companies

Adam Draper, a Silicon Valley investor, is now refocusing his accelerator program. He will shift focus completely to Bitcoin. Draper’s goal is to help make the digital currency mainstream. The Silicon Valley investor is dedicating his start-up incubator completely to innovative technology. Draper likes to think of Bitcoin as a currency that is alive, well, […]

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Bitcoin A VAT Exempt In Finland

Bitcoin is classified as a financial service by the Finnish regulators. Therefore, the digital currency is granted a VAT-exempt status. In Finland, Bitcoin is considered a financial service, which is why Bitcoin users are excused from paying VAT for the service. The country’s Central Board of Taxes assessed bitcoin and declared it as a financial […]

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CFTC To Act Against Bitcoin Price Manipulation

Mark P. Wetjen, a Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) commissioner informed at a New York seminar that the agency was authorized to intervene against price manipulation in bitcoin markets. The mission of the CFTC is to protect market participants and the public from fraud, manipulation, abusive practices and systemic risk related to derivatives – both […]

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Second Bitcoin Auction By U.S. Marshals

The prosecutors suggested back in January that the government could sell the Bitcoins seized from Ulbricht’s computer. On Monday, the US Marshals Service informed that it would auction 50,000 Bitcoins, which were seized from the dark market Silk Road. The total worth of the bitcoins is worth $19 million. The auction has been scheduled for […]

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HyprKey Introduces Biometric Stickers

HyprKey has introduced biometric stickers to make Bitcoin transactions more secure. The team working behind HyprKey thinks cyber fraud is the only obstacle in the path of mainstream Bitcoin adoption. The Bitcoin start-up is aiming to secure crypto currency users from cyber fraud by using their HYPR-3 2-factor authentication protocol. HyprKey basically functions by generating […]

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Samsung To Benefit From Bitcoin

Samsung Will Be Bitcoin Market’s Biggest Beneficiary Peter Vessenes, chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, said at a press conference in South Korea that Samsung will benefit the most from bitcoin mining as the bitcoin infrastructure develops. The Korea Herald shared the news that Peter Vessenes said, in a press conference during the Daejeon Global Innovation […]

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Coinbase Raising USD 50 Million

Renowned Bitcoin start-up Coinbase is looking forward to another funding round, which could add $50m in new capital even before it finishes. Some sources informed that the company is facing some obstacles in the fundraising process, which might limit the total amount they will raise. It was announced that Bitcoin start-up Coinbase is raising $50 […]

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US Organizations Have Plans For Bitcoin

79% US Organizations Have Plans for Digital Currencies Adoption Based on a new study of e-payment trends, crypto currencies are a part of the long-term strategies of most US companies. The Ponemon Institute report, which was commissioned by HP, concluded that 79% of the companies surveyed had plans to adopt digital currencies such as bitcoin […]

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Bitcoin Very Strong Outlook

Tony Gallippi thinks the immediate outlook for Bitcoin is very strong. BitPay is considered among the best payment processing companies in the crypto currency industry. The firm has introduced many new innovations and features over the last few months and the firm’s fondness for bitcoin is obvious. The recent change in Bitcoin’s price is something […]

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