BlockChainBriefing Launched ChainHQ

BlockchainBriefing, the world’s leading distributed ledger technology information and news portal, is this week launching ChainHQ, a searchable database which tracks and compiles the latest company and blockchain technology developments. This subscriber-only portal provides essential intelligence on which solutions are receiving investment, emerging sector leaders, challengers and the legal context to ledger technology. As investment […]

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Blockchain Summit In Washington DC

The Chamber of Digital Commerce today announced that the first D.C. Blockchain Summit will take place March 3, 2016 at Georgetown University. The event will bring together government employees, nonprofit representatives, students, and blockchain experts a chance to explore opportunities and challenges surrounding blockchain technology in the nation’s capital. The Digital Chamber is the Washington, […]

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Japan To Consider New Regulation

The financial regulators of Japan are moving forward in order to create a system to register and control domestic digital currency exchanges. The Japan Times has published an article in which it reported that a group beneath the Financial Services Agency’s Financial System Council will finalize a draft text which it is finished, will be […]

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DBS Partners With Standard Chartered

The DBS Bank of Singapore has partnered with the multinational banking firm, Standard Chartered in order to create a distributed ledger project for trade finance which will speed up the transactions, lower the costs and boost transparency of international trade. Bloomberg has published an article which states that both the firms have finalized its initial […]

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What Is Next For The Bitcoin Foundation ?

Following a disagreement over the future of the advocacy group of the Bitcoin Foundation, board members Jim Harper and Olivier Janssens announced their resignation. In a statement, the vice chairman and the chief executive officer of BTCC Bobby Lee stated, “Brock, Elizabeth Ploshay, Meyer Malka (via email vote) and I voted to continue support of […]

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McKinsey – Blockchain In Capital Markets

A new report titled “Beyond the Hype: Blockchain in Capital Markets” by the business management consultant firm, McKinsey & Company states that the distributed ledger technology holds great promise in future but expects that the development will require cooperation among market participants, regulators and technologists. According to the report, it states that the blockchain technology […]

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Three Mining Pools Experiment

For many Bitcoin miners the biggest up hill battle has been what pool to mine in. The pool you mine in has lots of effect on your mining profit. Some of the affects are how much local work in the area, and how many times a day your pool wins a block. The biggest confusion […]

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IBM To Replicate The Blockchain Tech

Many of the major companies such as IBM, Intel, CISCO, the London Stock Exchange Group, and many others are collaboratively working together in order to create an alternative to the blockchain, the global online ledger that underpins the bitcoin digital currency. This open source project aims to replicate the blockchain tech which will able to […]

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SEC Approved Overstock Plan

Recently, the US Securities and Exchange Commission announced that they have approved the plans of Overstock to issue stock via the blockchain through its tO platform. Wired published an article that stated, “Public documents by Overstock show that the SEC has approved an amended Form S-3 that would allow the company to issue public securities […]

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How To Account Bitcoin At Tax Time

If you have bitcoins or other digital currencies like Ripple and Litecoin, the Internal Revenue Service considers and expects you account them at tax time. The chief executive officer and founder of Libra Tax, Jake Benson stated, “If you’re not doing the accounting, you are on the line for tax evasion or misfiling. The reason […]

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Homeland Security Blockchain SIBR

The US Department of Homeland Security is looking to understand the underlying technology of bitcoin, blockchain through a predominant public- private partnership program known as Small Business Innovation Research (SIBR). Currently, the US cabinet department is accepting proposals from small businesses that includes around 500 employees in 13 topics areas such as “Applicability of Blockchain […]

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KnCMiner To Build A New Data Center

KnCMiner, a Swedish bitcoin mining company revealed that they take up to four weeks to build a new datacenter, from breaking ground to beginning operations. According to the chief executive officer of the company Sam Cole, the longest part is signing the agreement. The company announced its plans to build another 20 MW data center […]

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BTC Prices Near The USD450 Mark

Over the last two week, the price of bitcoin has increased about 36 per cent. On 4th of November, the prices briefly touched the $500 mark before decreasing below $400 in the following days. At the end of last year, it hit its highest closing price at $436. The strong rally is accompanied by the […]

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Satoshi Nakamoto Is Not Craig Wright

An email from Satoshi claiming he is not Craig Wright After WIRED and Gizmodo published articles that the Australian businessman could be the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin. Someone posted to the bitcoin- dev mailing list claiming that Craig Steven Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto. Email from [email protected] states, “I am not Craig […]

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PrivatBank Offering Bitcoin Payment

Bitcoin is making considerable progress in Eastern Europe, with the latest example of its development coming out of Ukraine. The largest bank in this country, PrivatBank, has currently opened the option for online retailers to make use of Bitcoin as a payment before it is directly converted into fiat currency that gets deposited into the […]

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Charges Against Silk Road Advisor

Silk Road is by far the most controversial story in the entire Bitcoin community. Therefore, whenever there is any activity that is even remotely associated with Silk Road, people immediately turn their attention towards it. Such is the case with the unsealing of the charges against a suspected former high ranking employee of the Silk […]

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BTC Startup Bonafide To Shut Down

Bitcoin startup, Bonafide announced that it will end its operations and start liquidation. An email has been sent to all the shareholders that stated that the startup has been approached by a “leading” bitcoin company though the name has not been mentioned, for a possible acquisition. Yet, the sale was declined as it was considered […]

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The BoE To Hold A Blockchain Contest

The Bank of England is holding a challenge for the university students to come up with new ways of implementing blockchain technology for the benefit of the society. Applications are being accepted for a six- week paid internship program. Students who are interested need to submit their applications by 7th of December 2015. They can […]

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Bitcoin – Low Money Laundering Risk

UK Government Report Explains that Cryptocurrencies Carry Low Risk of Money Laundering. For a very long time, it was believed that cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have made it very easy for cyber criminals to engage in money laundering. The critics of Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies have cited a number of deep web cases […]

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Amazon To Ship 21inc Bitcoin Miner

Amazon, the online retail giant, has started to ship 21 Inc’s mini bitcoin miner, the 21 Bitcoin Computer. The company announced on 28th of September that it will accept pre- order for the bitcoin computer. Retailing for $400, the bitcoin computer will include a custom mining clip, a data center backend and a custom Linux- […]

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ISIS May Have A USD3M Bitcoin Wallet

According to a hacktivist off- shoot of Anonymous, Ghost Security Group has claimed that they have found a bitcoin wallet which contains $3 million that is linked to the self- proclaimed Islamic State terror group. Last Friday, the terrorist group has attacked Paris, killing over 130 people and injuring hundreds more. For a while now, […]

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FinCEN To Develop Bitcoin Training

Yesterday, the director of FinCEN Jennifer Shasky Calvery gave a speech at the ABA/ ABA Money Laundering Enforcement Conference in Washington DC. She stated that one of several in the US with jurisdiction over elements of the bitcoin ecosystem has collaborated recently with the IRS to educate its examiners on relevant aspects of the technology. […]

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