Death comes for the archbishop

Death Comes for the Archbishop By Willa Cather Willa Cather is the author of the award winning novel Death Comes For The Archbishop written in 1927. She was born in 1873 near Winchester, Virginia and soon moved to Nebraska (Cather, 1927). During her childhood she was surrounded by foreign languages and customs. Even at her […]

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An Analytical Understanding of the Works of Frost and Bishop

Life’s challenges come every day. It could not be denied that these challenges are the ones that makes up a person and allows one to become the best of what he could be. Likely, this is the reason why it is important to realize that these particular events in life are simply the stepping stones […]

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Analysis of Poetry “Fish” Written by Elizabeth Bishop

Sometimes, certain moments that happen in our daily life make us reflect on our existance. Such an important moment occurred in the life of fishermen described in the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop “Fish”. One day, a fisherman caught a fish. When he pulled her from the water and put in the boat, he was surprised […]

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St Gregory of Tours

St. Gregory (538-594) was the bishop of Tours known for his zeal in defending the weak among his flock and upheld what is “right and just with courage and prudence” (Leclerq, “St. Gregory of Tours”). He is also known for being a historian whose contribution to what is now known to be the history of […]

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Bishop Charles Mason

Along with his mother he attended the Mt. Olive Baptist Church near Plumerville where the pastor, Mason’s half-brother, the Reverend I.S. Nelson, baptized him in an atmosphere of praise and thankgiving. From that point in his life, Mason went throughout the area of southern Arkansas as a lay preacher, giving his testimony and working with […]

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Continuity of Christianity

As the saying goes, History repeats itself, which is true about the course of Christianity from 100 CE to 1750 CE. The constant splitting of the Eastern and Western Christian churches, the expanding of the Christian church, and the fight against Islam are all constants throughout the history of the Christian faith. However the Western […]

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