Birth control

Plan B – College Essay

For more than 6 years not the citizens of Chicago were able to purchase the emergency contraception called Plan B or commonly known as “The Morning after Pill”. The rule first was put in place by former Gov. Rod Blagojevich after state officials received complaints that pharmacists were refusing to fill prescriptions for emergency contraception, […]

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Birth Control for Teens

One of the most important issues in the United States today is teens becoming sexually active. Not all teens have access to birth control or condoms. Just because a girl is on birth control doesn’t mean she shouldn’t use condoms. Birth control isn’t one hundred percent preventable. Teens should always have access to condoms because […]

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Pharmacists’ Right to Choose

The issue of birth control has always caused clashes between religious and moral beliefs as against health care rights (especially pertaining to women’s reproductive rights). Aside from contraceptives and other birth control methods, emergency contraception has polarized women’s rights advocates and pharmacists causing government and private institutions to come out with solutions protecting the rights […]

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Significance of the Study

Researchers. The study will improve and develop the compliance of respondents from the data gathered and insights elicited as a basis for their planning, implementation and evaluation. Nurses. This research may help the nurses to conduct and supplement information to the respondents through community health teaching regarding oral contraceptives specifically compliance of oral contraceptives users. […]

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Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger was a very important and influential person of her time. Back then, women were often mistreated and had many unwanted pregnancies. Lacking effective contraceptives, these women resorted to unsafe and cheap abortions. Margaret Sanger wanted to help women gain planned parenthood while using safe and legal birth control methods. She also wanted to […]

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