Biotechnology is a branch of biology which deals with the use of living matter in fields like technology, engineering and medicine. The use of the term in the modern world refers to tissue and cell culture and genetic engineering technologies (Kingiri, 2010). The concept however, comprises of a diverse variety and background of steps for […]

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Biotechnology in Philippines: Then and Now Essay

“We have recently advanced our knowledge of genetics to a point where we can manipulate life in a way never intended by nature. We must proceed with the utmost caution in the application of this new-found knowledge. ” as stated by Luther Burbank. This may be the case now as major advances in biotechnology are […]

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Nano gene – College Essay

NanoGene Technologies was a very interesting case in the fact that it looked at the business before the inception and into its first major issues. Taking a look at the companies history is very important when developing the issues involved with this case study. NanoGene Technologies is a life sciences start-up based on nanotechnology, focusing […]

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