Biological Warefare

Imagine sitting in a subway car on the way to the office for another day of work, when suddenly you can not breath. You look around and notice that other people around you are having the same problem. You push and shove other people aside to try and get to the door, but the doors […]

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Slowing Down the Biological Clock

The aging process is a cumulative change in the body with time that makes a person more and more susceptible to diseases and death. The cascade that leads to the aging process lowers the immune responses of the body and makes the functioning of body systems less efficient. The process has various agents that cause […]

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The Twin Towers and the Pentagon

The September 11 attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon heightened the fears all over the United States that sooner or later, a biological attack will again be launched by terrorists. The attack just indicates the vulnerability of the country and the magnitude of what can happen if terrorists decide to unleash a biologic […]

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On Becoming A Biological Scientist

Biological sciences or life sciences incorporate the study of living things and their relationships to the environment (“Biological Sciences;” “Career Opportunities For Majors In Biological Sciences”). Thus, a variety of fascinating careers await a student of biological sciences. Biological scientists may choose to continue ongoing research on living organisms in order to enhance human knowledge […]

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