Factors Affecting Biodiversity

Biodiversity is a term that refers to the variability of life forms or species on earth. It is the variability among all life forms from all sources including, marine, terrestrial, and other aquatic ecosystems as well as the ecological systems they are part of; including variability between species, within species, and of ecosystems (Ecological Society […]

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Effect of Climate Change on Biodiversity

Climate change is a concept that explains changing natural conditions. This includes concentrations of the various components of air such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen. In simpler terms, we can describe climate change as changes in the long-term environmental conditions. “Biodiversity is the degree of how diverse living organisms are, from all ecosystems like […]

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Analysis of a campaign leaflet on endangered species

I will analyse the effectiveness of my leaflet which is for the association H.E.S (Help Endangered Species.). I chose this subject because I have always loved animals and wanted to protect them. This analysis will be about the views expressed, the use of language, the presentation and layout, finally about the effectiveness of the leaflet. […]

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The benefits of diversity in society

The benefits of diversity in a society are the advantages a society gain from diversity. Diversity helps in meeting different people from different countries, thus helping to learn different culture, different food, various religions, different language and people coming together to socialise. Being open to other cultures enriches everyone and means that our everyday lives […]

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Singapore, by virtue of its geographical location, has rich biodiversity, in spite of its intense urbanisation. Dry land tropical rainforests, mangroves and coral ecosystems are some of the key habitats found in Singapore. Singapore is a city-state with a land area of about 710 km. It is one of the most densely populated countries in […]

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Threats to Biodiversity

“The loss of biological diversity is second only to nuclear warfare in its threat to human and other life on this planet. ” – U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Biodiversity is the variability among living organisms from all sources, including inter alia [among other things], terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes […]

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In-situ and Ex-situ Conservation Methods

In-situ conservation, the conservation of species in their natural habitats, is considered the most appropriate way of conserving biodiversity. Conserving the areas where populations of species exist naturally is an underlying condition for the conservation of biodiversity. That’s why protected areas form a central element of any national strategy to conserve biodiversity. Ex Situ Conservation […]

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Should the Endangered Species Act be strengthened

The human population has been growing steadily throughout the last three million years. On average, each generation has left a population slightly larger than itself. With the development of agriculture and industrial technologies, and better living standards, the growth rate has increased markedly for a while, especially in the last few decades. This is a […]

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Is Biodiversity Overprotected Debate

There are currently 1. 4 million described species on earth, but estimates of as many as 5 to 50 million total species have been projected to exist (Becher, 1998, 60). Tropical entomologist Terry Erwin’s research supports that there may be as many as 30 million insect species alone in the tropical rainforests (Shiva et al, […]

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Birds and Animals

SAC (1998) data, using LISS I of 76 mm resolution show that the ponds/lakes in Jammu and Ladakh had low vegetation. Those in Baramula had low vegetation in about 50% of the area while comparatively dense vegetation in the rest (Fig. 15.9). Waterlogged area had dense vegetation in Jammu and Ladakh (Table. 15.14). Seventy five […]

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