Benito Mussolini

The successes of Mussolinis foreign policy up to 1939

Mussolini had many successes in foreign policy up to 1939. Firstly, even in the 1920s his longer-term goal for an African empire was already underway with the campaign to consolidate Italian control of Libya. From 1922, his government pursued a ruthless policy of suppression of local rebellions in Libya. He was successful in Corfu in […]

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In what ways was Mussolini cautious in his approach

The early years of Fascism saw a general attempt by Mussolini to work within the existing international system rather than challenge it. This is not to say that Mussolini did not take opportunities to increase Italian power and influence. However, he did so cautiously and with an eye to the attitudes of the British and […]

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The aims of Mussolinis Foreign Policy in the 1920s

On coming to power in 1922, Mussolini did not have any clear foreign policy; he promised vague ideals of national glory and expansionism, but had no real plan to achieve these goals. He had loudly supported entry into the First World War and had condemned the peace settlement – the `mutilated victory’ – but it […]

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Mussolini vs Hitler

The rise of fascism in Italy was fueled by the bitter disappointed of the people over the failure to win large territorial gains at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. To more and more Italians, their current government, which was democratic at the time, seemed to be doing little to nothing to help the country’s problems, […]

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Mussolini – Rise, Fall, Reasons

As a result of World War One, Italy had suffered badly and lost 460,000 soldiers. The country was in enormous debt. The army had been heavily defeated and had only had one recognisable victory in 1918. The country believed that it had been promised extra land by Britain and France during the war, but these […]

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Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler

During World War II there were many powerful leaders for different countries. Two of these leaders were Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. Benito Mussolini was the dictator of Italy and Adolf Hitler was dictator of Nazi Germany. Both were very powerful leaders but also differ in successes, failures, early life, methods, and goals that got […]

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