Individual Behaviour

Recently, Kuwait has experienced the most extensive anti-government campaign in the history of the country. There is a real danger that the “oil emirate” will be the first country among the Gulf monarchies, where the social unrest will lead to the change of the government. Bloody clashes in economically stable country of the Arabian show […]

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Does understanding a person’s attitude help us to predict their behaviour

To begin with I would first like to offer a definition of the term attitude or at least as much as I am able, as there has been a vast amount of research done into the concept of attitude and there are many different definitions for the term. Allport (1935) for example says that attitude […]

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Organizational Behaviour

“Organisational behaviour is the study of the performance of individuals and groups in different structures and cultures within the workplace. ” (Glossary, Pearson Education) In organisational behaviour, the behaviour, emotions and actions of the people in the organisations are studied. It explores the team dynamics and the systems and structures of the organisation. Then it […]

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Organisation Behaviour

An employee’s behaviour is the popular topic for the most researchers in organizational behaviour area. Most of the research in organizational behaviour has been concerned with three attitudes, which are job satisfaction, job involvement and organisational commitment (Elloy et al 98). This essay is arguing that Ralph’s current levels of workplace behaviours in his citizenship, […]

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Root Metaphors as an Aid to Understanding Organizational Behaviour

The use of root metaphors to provide insight into organizations seems to be seen as a useful if limited way of understanding their complex natures (Morgan, 1997) (Andriesson, 2008), which may have been more suited to the industrial age. The rise of the Knowledge Based Economy (KBE) and post-industrial organizations pose further challenges to the […]

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Human Behaviour

In this assignment I’m going to discuss the role of environmental on human behaviour and performance by identifying human behaviour in different sections. Behaviour – the psychical activity of organism. Environment – the external surroundings within which the organism lives, organism external factors effect the development or behaviour. Human performance – the effectiveness with which […]

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Health and Social Care

Within this unit, I will be showing great knowledge of Human Growth and Development through the life stages. I will also be considering careers in Health and Social Care sectors as it assists with understanding the needs of individuals whom are at those different stages of life. This unit will be focusing on life events […]

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Organizational Behaviour and Leadership

Organizational Behaviour (OB) is the study of what people, individual and groups think, feel, and do in and around organizations. It is the study of employee behaviour, decisions, perceptions and emotional response. OB also interprets individual-organization relationship in terms of whole person, whole group, whole organization and whole social system. Organization consists of units of […]

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