Haig and the battle of the Somme

Source D is a still from the TV series ‘Blackadder goes forth’ it shows 2 officers discussing an imminent attack on the Germans. This was written years and years after the war. Source E is a cartoon from a British magazine published in February 1917 at the time of the war, so automatically you know […]

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Was Custer to blame for the defeat at the Battle of Little Bighorn

Although it can be said that the defeat at the Battle of Little Bighorn is solely down to General Custer, I am of the distinct opinion that numerous different factors contributed to the aforementioned defeat. Firstly, there are many reasons why some historians believe Custer was responsible for the defeat. He disobeyed direct orders from […]

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The Battle of Britain Paper

As the great battle for the English Channel drew nearer, the British were alone in their fight against Nazism. The French had already been forced to surrender to the Germans, however the British refused to surrender to the Nazi’s after been given the chance. This meant that Hitler and his men had no choice but […]

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Battle Of The Somme

If the battle of the Somme had worked tactically and strategically more effectively, then it would have been worthwhile, instead the gains were not commensurate with the sacrifice. On the other hand in Sir Douglas Haigs’ opinion any of the three results of the battle of the Somme were sufficient to justify the Somme Battle: […]

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The Battle of the Somme, 1st July 1916

The Battle of the Somme was a significant event in the First World War as it brought about changes in Military tactics, types of warfare and general views of War. Even today, the Battle remains one of the most horrific tragedies in military history. The overwhelming loss of life left a permanent mark on all […]

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Why is the battle of the Somme considered such a great military tragedy

Up until world war one Britain had played little part in any major battles or conflicts. It wasn’t until occurrences at the Somme that the British population became aware of the realities of war and it was for this reason that some people still consider it the greatest military disaster known to man. The initial […]

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The pink sky

Lightning slashed across the blackened sky of Darkwald forest .Rain beat continousley down upon the forest canopy.Even the shelter provided by these ancieant and massive trees could not prevent the rain turning turning the small trails that ran trough the forest in to rivers of filth amd mud which sucked at the hooves of the […]

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A Bridge Too Far

On September 17th 1944 operation Market Garden began. First Allied Airborne Troops landed near Arnhem, Nijmegan and Eidhoven to seize a number of bridges in Holland (market) and allow the British 2nd army to enter Germany in an attempt to bring a quick end to the war in Europe (Garden). Strategy There were three main […]

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Dunkirk and the battle of Britain

Source A seemed useful to me, because it gave me a real idea about the atmosphere and morale, when the British undertook the rescue. The person giving the statement is commander Thomas Kerr, who was one of the naval officers sent to organize the evacuation. Seeing that he is of this rank, he seems that […]

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Why was the British able to win the Battle of Britain

The world thought that Germany would win The Battle of Britain but they were wrong. This essay will explain to you how and why Britain won the battle. The reasons that I am about to tell you about are all factors that are continued throughout the whole battle. Britain had magnificent technology. From the start […]

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