Batman and Henri Ducard

The scene is set in the City. The trains are outdoors and are seen to be run down and vandalised. There seems to be a lot of big buildings and no sign of wildlife. Depressing smoke is everywhere suggesting evil. It is night time so everything is dark showing a sinister atmosphere. The weather is […]

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Freudian Theory

Freud believed that there are three parts to a anyones personality. The Ego, the only component that one shows to the world, The Super-Ego which is hidden and is the conscience of the personality it plays the critical and moralising role, and The Id seeks to avoid pain or unpleasure it is responsible for our […]

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Batman and Bruce Wayne

Belonging and not belonging are an emotional stimulant that Is felt by everyone and in many different ways. This is due to many different backgrounds like Religious points of view, experiences in life and how they were raised. This is evident in “The Simple Gift” by Steven Herrick and in “Batman The Dark Knight Rises” […]

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Batman Vs. Superman Compare

In the 1930s two characters appeared in comic literature that became icons of pop culture. Batman and Superman are the golden boys of DC comics and are considered the most popular of all superheroes. Being around for over seventy years these two have acquired a near endless fan base of all ages. The two kings […]

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The Dark Side of the Dark Knight

In the world of comic books and superheroes, one hero stood as the people’s champion. The masked and caped vigilante known as Batman is one of the most popular of all superheroes. What made him stand out from the others is that he does not have a superpower. He is just a regular person like […]

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