Ubaldo appeals suspension from Tulo incident

A few minutes just before boarding a bus taking the team to the airport, Manny Acta, manager of the Indians stood just outside his office with his bags in hand and expressed disappointment over the decision of Major League Baseball to slap Ubaldo Jimenez with a suspension for five games. It was early Monday evening […]

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Roger Clemens lawyers push to discredit key witness

Lawyers representing Roger Clemens sought to discredit a key witness in the perjury trial of the All-Star pitcher, saying that Brian McNamee is lying and profiting from it. McNamee is a former strength coach who testified that he injected steroids as well as human growth hormone on Clemens. The lead attorney of Clemens, Rusty Hardin, […]

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Philip Humber of White Sox amazes with perfect game

Nothing at Safeco Field on Saturday afternoon suggested anything out of the ordinary, especially since the game was just between the Chicago White Sox and the Mariners. However, towards the end of the game, the 22,472 strong audience already jumped to its feet and cheered for something that was turning historical. Philip Humber of the […]

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Twitter becomes avenue for racism following hockey game

Mere minutes after Joel Ward made a shot to the net late on Wednesday, racist rants started to rain down via Tweets on the Internet. Several websites, such as BlackSportsOnline and Chirpstory collected dozens of the degrading tweets. Majority of them used the f-word and the n-word, with some of them issuing death threats. Ward […]

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Elbow surgery likely to end season for Giants Wilson

Only eight games going into the 2012 season, the San Francisco Giants are looking into bad news: closer Brian Wilson will possibly require elbow surgery, putting him off for the rest of the season. On Friday night, an MRI showed that Wilson had “structural issues” on the ligament of his right elbow. This piece of […]

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Packers face Lions in Thanksgiving game reminiscent of 1962

Thanksgiving this year had the Green Bay Packers facing up the Lions in a game reminiscent of the game back in 1962. As the Packers, 10-0, went into Detroit to defend an NFL championship, Jerry Kramer believed that the team, under the coaching of Mike McCarthy, would not face the challenge that the Packers did […]

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Realignment talks ongoing but not likely to happen

In the yearly meeting for the midseason with the Baseball Writers Association of America, Commissioner Bud Selig for baseball announced on Tuesday that massive realignment was not anywhere near. But in another session at a later time that day, Michael Weiner, union chief, commented that realignment into two leagues with 15 teams each, along with […]

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Francisco’s homerun brings Phillies up over Cardinals

Up until the Tuesday game, Ben Francisco had been known simply as the “other guy” in the trade with Cliff Lee. He was the reserve outfielder whom nobody expected to do enough to get to play regularly for the National League East champs of Philadelphia. He became an overnight hero after the game, thanks to […]

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Horse Polo Rules and Strategies

With horse-based polo now more accessible than ever, more and more players are becoming interested in getting involved. The game seems prohibitive at first, since you have to be a proficient rider before you can even begin thinking about playing polo. But in fact, learning to ride is the hard part. The game itself is […]

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Andre Ethier Possibly on Last Season with Dodgers

On Tuesday, Andre Ethier repeated what he mentioned about his possibly being his last season playing with the Los Angeles Dodgers. After the exhibition game in L.A. on Monday, Ethier said that signs were pointing towards his parting ways with the team next offseason. In 2011, Ethier is set to make $9.25 million, being the […]

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