The American Barbie Doll

Throughout history, women have been used in advertising to illustrate the ideal image of how women should look in society. Magazine ads and television shows portray women being skinny, giving women the Idea they have to have a “model” like look. In our society we see ‘beautiful’ as thin. “93% of all women and girls […]

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Barbie Doll: The Title Itself Advocates A Perfect Physique

The title “Barbie Doll” suggests that the poem advocates a perfect physique; however, it is a satire concerning human’s emphasis upon physical attraction. The title generates a satirical piece through the language used in the poem. The words and phrases in the poem express how young girls are influenced to acquire a perfect body that […]

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Islam and Barbie

1. Why was Barbie popular in both France and Middle East? One of the reasons why Barbie was so popular in both France and Middle East is because most people living in those countries are able to afford such a high priced doll for their little kids. It also acts as a status symbol for […]

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