Challenges Faced by Consumers of Online Banking

This paper reports on the progress of the dissertation by indicating the steps that have already been undertaken and those that are yet to be done. At the moment, the dissertation is still in the initial stages. There are some background information, statistics, and a literature review of online banking. Basically, the study seeks to […]

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fundamental and technical analysis of banking stocks

Page No. 1 Executive summary 4 2 Objective of Project 3 Research Methodology and sampling Technique 4 Data Analysis And Interpretation 5 Findings and Suggestions 6 Conclusion 7 Bibliography EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Fundamental &Technical Analysis of Banking stocks” is the systematic study of the performance of banking companies stock’s in stock market and future value of […]

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A History of the IT Saga in Indian Banking

This role played by the Reserve Bank has continued ever the years. Some of the major landmarks in this regard are: v The introduction of MICRO based cheese processing – a first for the region, during the years 1986-88; v Compensation of branches of banks – an activity which commenced from the late eighties with […]

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Abc Costing in Banking

Budgeting and Cost Accounting Professor Gunter April 15, 2013 Activity-based costing (“BBC”) is considered one of the best and most popular tools for allocating costs by identifying individual activities as cost objects. Originally, activity-based costing was mainly used in manufacturing industries but, due to its preciseness, this system has recently grown popular in the service […]

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Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment

According to the information in the case, do you think the bank satisfied the requirement to two-factor authentication? Generally, Two-factor authentication requires two forms of authentication (Panky, 117). For example most of the online banking today requires you to login with surname/password and also identify security key or security image as additional key. According to […]

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Malay Chinese and Internet Banking

The trend is not isolated in developed countries but also is taking place in developing and less developed countries. The widespread of Internet Banking is probably due to its benefits. In Malaysia internet banking was officially allowed by the Malaysian Central Bank on June 1, 2000. Malay Banking Bertha (Mbabane) was the first bank to […]

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Banking system

BUS 368 Venture Capital & Banking Instructor: Melody Clement April 2, 2012 Banquet 2 The Banquet Cinema Last year while on vacation, we went to a dinner theater. We had a great time. This got me to thinking that it would be a great opportunity to start a business in my home town like this. […]

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The Banking Concept

In Firer’s essay “The Banking Concept of Education”, he discusses the importance of a student-teacher relationship and the issues of the educational system. The banking method signifies how teachers “fill” up their student’s minds with knowledge without any questions. This method, Faerie believes, limits the student’s capability to think for them-selves that leads for students […]

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Role of CRM in Banking

The bankers in India face a tough competition, and in this competition, they make hectic efforts to increase and retain their clientele base. Their offerings have become much more customer centric and customer specific than ever before. Maintaining a good relationship with customers is becoming important in banking industries. Banks can no longer rely on […]

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What Drives Customer Loyalty and Profitability

Customer loyalty as a concept is a critical strategic option in today’s competitive environment. It is no surprise therefore that managers and researchers have increased their study and understanding of the concept as a strategic marketing imperative over the past decades to capture market share and improve profitability. Indeed the theoretical perspective is that competitive […]

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